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Sunday, December 4, 2016

What does the Left want?

Looking at recent history and the disastrous decisions of our current president I was troubled by an unanswered question. What does the left actually want? Obviously they desire the downfall of the United States. That goes without saying. Equally, they desire the triumph of those who oppose success. Every success story must end in misery. Every good deed must be punished. Every vicious troglodyte, hating life itself, must be helped along his way.

Family? Families are a source of strength. People learn language, morals, character, and structure sitting at the dinner table. Get rid of them. Religion? Religion is a source of strength. People learn honesty, integrity, love, and meaning sitting in their pews. Get rid of them. School? Schools teach strength. They teach coping, language, honesty, and meaning. Change them. Let students learn hopelessness, dishonesty, and weakness. If a woman has a baby in her womb, convince her to have it murdered. If a man has a penis, convince him to have it severed. Turn public bathrooms into public theaters where androgynous misanthropes enact their various melodramas. Never let a single person just be content. Poke and prod at us endlessly. Whirl us about from one moment to the next until all we know is confusion and discontent.

If you are a member of the left it makes you happy when things change. "Change is good" is the left's credo. When the rich become poor and the poor become rich, that is good. When gold becomes dross and dross becomes gold, it is good. If the helpless become independent, and those who have always coped become incapable of coping, that is good. Mindless change is good. Change for the sake of changing is good.

The left are crazy people with an obsessive-compulsive disorder that leaves them dissatisfied with every possible status quo. Everything must change, constantly. Everything must move or be moved, constantly.

The culmination of left-wing control would be constant unnecessary change at every possible moment. For instance, if Joe decided to sit down at his table to eat breakfast, a complete stranger would abruptly decide that his table was in the wrong place for breakfast. No! The stranger would abruptly change his mind and decide that the table itself needed to be changed! Would he think it too tall? No too short! The complete stranger would need help making up his mind. This would call for a group-think committee. Several months later, after The Committee To Change Joe's Breakfast Table finished its deliberations, the table would end up sitting on four cinder-blocks while Joe ended up eating the remainder of his breakfast standing up. And may God help the poor soul who decided to take a bath!

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