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Monday, July 4, 2016

Divided we fall

The presidential election will be identity politics. Hillary plans to run Cory Booker as her VP. She needs the black vote and this is the simplest way to get it. Of course practically every black person in the country already votes Democrat with only the tiniest of exceptions, but they only vote Democrat when they actually vote. With Cory Booker as VP now they'll get up off their sofas and actually go to the polls. So, for President of the United States we have women, blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQetc, poor, and of course all the East/West coast wealthy liberals. Against these various identities will be whites, men, heterosexuals, patriots, and people who work for a living. We haven't got a chance!

The Democrats control the media, the schools, the bureaucracy, and the courts. Whatever liberal USA suicide pill doesn't get passed in the legislature is later battled in the court of public opinion—shaped and massaged by the liberal media—and then ultimately decided in the Democrats' favor by our new unconstitutional oligarchy The Supreme Court of the United States of America. [SCUSA] Gay marriage? Men in the girl's bathroom? Eminent domain? Affirmative Action [aka racism]? No matter what legislator you voted for, it doesn't matter, because the rules aren't decided by a democracy. They're decided by 8 or 9 unelected presidents for life.

Here we are. Living in a country I no longer recognize. I mean that statement in two different ways. I no longer see any resemblance to what I remember, and I do not acknowledge its authority over me. If you work for Uncle Sam, you are working for the enemy. Today is the 4th of July. It's our nation's birthday. Hurrah? No! Don't celebrate, instead weep.

I went to Kroger today as I do every single day. I parked in my usual spot, as I do every single day. Today, on our nation's birthday, something was different. As I walked towards the entrance, a store manager came out and told me I'd have to move my car. He explained that my usual spot was reserved for special people. It was reserved for people who'd made a previous reservation. They'd called ahead and reserved my parking spot. I was nonplussed. "What?" "We've got a lot of people who are going to be arriving to pick up their orders," he said. So I moved my car. I went inside to purchase the two sixpacks of Ramen Noodles that I had the money for. When I came back out two minutes later, all fifteen ClickList spots were still vacant. I knocked on the "Associates Only" door, loudly. The manager came back out. I pointed at all the empty spots. I said: "all still empty!" He said: "Click List only." "Why did you put them all in the front?," I demanded. "The customers don't even have to get out of their cars! you could have put Click List spots at the back of the parking lot. Are your employees handicapped too?" At which point he walked away.

It's called "ClickList." For the nominal fee of $5.00 dollars, you can use the Kroger online portal to order a variety of products and have them delivered right to your car's trunk. Hurrah? No! Don't celebrate, instead weep. Obese, elderly, infirm, and of course simply lazy can now order a day ahead. Which is fine by the way. If you wan't to prove to the world how much of a lazy piece of shit you really are, click on your "ClickList."

If you're a fat lazy cow, you can have your doctor give you a blue sign that lets you park in the handicapped parking spots. Nobody has a problem with allowing people who are paralyzed, or who lack two sound legs, to park closer to the store. But we've all watched as lazy fat cows park in the handicapped spots, get out of their cars and SUVS, and then walk to the closest motorized handicart. You know you hate it! God knows I do. I want to kick them over and watch their dismay as at long last they finally comprehend their own pathetic self-induced helplessness. I hate them. I truly do. You fat pig you! "Put down that fork, stand up and walk!" (John 5:8) Anyway, now the cows have even more parking spots and even less incentive to get off their asses. Hurrah? No! Instead, weep for America, the land of the indolent, the home of the helpless.

By the way, Click List parking spots have been officially designated as places to leave your empty shopping cart. Trust me.

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