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Monday, July 11, 2016

A few questions to peg you into your niche

Maybe you like the "Law and Order candidate." Maybe you like the "What Difference?" candidate. Answer these questions honestly and I'll tell you who you're going to vote for.

I know...You are different, right? No! That's bullshit! You're no different.

Okay a few questions will peg you into your party. Do you have a job? No? If not how long has it been since you have had a job? Longer than a year? You're a Democrat! You're voting for Hillary! You say that you do have a job? Is your job working for the county, state, or federal government? If yes, are you a member of a public sector union? If you work for twenty years in your government job do you get a government pension for life? (Yes yes yes yes?) You're a Democrat! You're voting for Hillary!

Are you gay? Are you transsexual? Have you had a penis grafted on or cut off? Are you a lesbian? Are you a woman who hates men? Are you a man who's ashamed of his own penis? (Yes yes yes yes?) You're voting for Hillary! Do you hate rich people because you were born poor and watched with green-eyed jealousy as those you looked down upon got everything that should have been yours? Yes? You're voting for Hillary! Are you an illegal immigrant reading this with some kind of shitty translation software? Usted está votando por Hillary!

The Identity politics of the left is nothing if not predictable, transparent, and breathtakingly dishonest. They walk up, kick you in your cajones and then tell you it's your own fault for being there. For being who you are. For existing with that skin color, that sex, that race, that religion, that political outlook, that economic outlook. Do you believe others deserve to suffer? Do you believe you deserve to suffer? Yes? You're voting for Hillary! Are you suicidal? Do you wish America had never existed? Do you think we should all live in caves and eat whatever the strongest decides we deserve? Yes? You're voting for Hillary! Are you a serial killer? If you're caught in one of your numerous crimes should you be given a 2nd chance and then a 3rd? (Yes, yes, yes?) You're voting for Hillary!

Do you struggle in school? Does your tuition cost north of $10,000 a year? Are you borrowing a fortune to pay for a degree that no one would call a STEM degree? (Yes yes yes?) You're voting for Hillary! Do you hate the world? Hate yourself? Hate your parents, your teachers, your boss? Do you wake up hating life, smoke a cigarette and find a human punching bag to take it out on? I bet you're going to vote for Hillary!

There are people who spend their lives blocking others. They don't accomplish anything of great import otherwise. No songs, no art, no literature, no inventions, no discoveries, at the end of their days the only thing you can say for sure is that they stopped others. They blocked the makers from making. They blocked the artists from painting their Mona Lisa, they stopped Mozart from composing. Are you a blocker? Do you file lawsuits? Do you protect your unused and otherwise entirely forgotten patent with the zeal of a pit-bull protecting his old buried bone? You're voting for Hillary!

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