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Sunday, July 31, 2016

If you're like me

If you're like me, at this point you're numb. You already understand that nobody tells the truth anymore. Lies are the language we speak. Hillary Clinton will destroy the world, and maybe that's what you want. "Hillary for Armageddon!" There's your bumper sticker. Trump isn't much better. One thing we can be sure of, everything "they" say is a lie. Trump won't build a wall. Hillary won't steal from the rich and give to the poor. Status Quo. The USA will continue to print money and borrow money until the inevitable day comes when a guy who understands simple math reveals that the USA is so bankrupt that the very word "bankrupt" is revealed as the understatement of the millennium.

Imagine true desolation. No job. No house. Family of you, wife, and a couple of kids, trudging along behind you, as the rain falls, as the cold winter threatens, as hunger gnaws at your empty bellies. You're tired. You're hungry. You're cold. You're hopeless. This is the end. Maybe you just lay down and die. "The End." I guess that, in the end, that's what "they" wanted all along.

In every story, the mountain of trouble and hopelessness is piled upon our hapless protagonist until finally the audience is simply waiting. The hero waits. The world waits. The end is here. Unless something miraculous happens .... Where is our deus ex machina? Where is our magical genie, where is the extraterrestrial magical race of super-geniuses who can fix everything? Where is our superhero? Where is God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, somebody, anybody, who can fix this mountain of looming tragedy?

We forged a sword. We hung it over our own heads attached with a slender thread. Why? A cry for help from an uncaring universe? The end of the story on TV is bullshit. Here's what really happens: The gazelle is dinner for the lion.

The End.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gasoline on the fire!

We're one hot breath, one sneer, one more cop shooting an unarmed black man, from all-out race war. Abner Doonour President—has fomented this incipient bloodbath for reasons that I can only guess at. To retain power by declaring martial law seems the most logical reason, but honestly he could just be the brachiating buffoon that he seems to be—just another of Dr. Evil's hand puppets, to coin a brand new cliche.

I don't know who shot him. Neither do you. But I can guess it wasn't a white cop, because if it had been, that information would have been broadcast to the four corners of the Earth by now. None of this is accidental, by the way. Plotted, planned, and executed. If you want the end of the world, I don't think you could find a more effective President than Barrack Hussein Obama.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

Monday, July 11, 2016

A few questions to peg you into your niche

Maybe you like the "Law and Order candidate." Maybe you like the "What Difference?" candidate. Answer these questions honestly and I'll tell you who you're going to vote for.

I know...You are different, right? No! That's bullshit! You're no different.

Okay a few questions will peg you into your party. Do you have a job? No? If not how long has it been since you have had a job? Longer than a year? You're a Democrat! You're voting for Hillary! You say that you do have a job? Is your job working for the county, state, or federal government? If yes, are you a member of a public sector union? If you work for twenty years in your government job do you get a government pension for life? (Yes yes yes yes?) You're a Democrat! You're voting for Hillary!

Are you gay? Are you transsexual? Have you had a penis grafted on or cut off? Are you a lesbian? Are you a woman who hates men? Are you a man who's ashamed of his own penis? (Yes yes yes yes?) You're voting for Hillary! Do you hate rich people because you were born poor and watched with green-eyed jealousy as those you looked down upon got everything that should have been yours? Yes? You're voting for Hillary! Are you an illegal immigrant reading this with some kind of shitty translation software? Usted está votando por Hillary!

The Identity politics of the left is nothing if not predictable, transparent, and breathtakingly dishonest. They walk up, kick you in your cajones and then tell you it's your own fault for being there. For being who you are. For existing with that skin color, that sex, that race, that religion, that political outlook, that economic outlook. Do you believe others deserve to suffer? Do you believe you deserve to suffer? Yes? You're voting for Hillary! Are you suicidal? Do you wish America had never existed? Do you think we should all live in caves and eat whatever the strongest decides we deserve? Yes? You're voting for Hillary! Are you a serial killer? If you're caught in one of your numerous crimes should you be given a 2nd chance and then a 3rd? (Yes, yes, yes?) You're voting for Hillary!

Do you struggle in school? Does your tuition cost north of $10,000 a year? Are you borrowing a fortune to pay for a degree that no one would call a STEM degree? (Yes yes yes?) You're voting for Hillary! Do you hate the world? Hate yourself? Hate your parents, your teachers, your boss? Do you wake up hating life, smoke a cigarette and find a human punching bag to take it out on? I bet you're going to vote for Hillary!

There are people who spend their lives blocking others. They don't accomplish anything of great import otherwise. No songs, no art, no literature, no inventions, no discoveries, at the end of their days the only thing you can say for sure is that they stopped others. They blocked the makers from making. They blocked the artists from painting their Mona Lisa, they stopped Mozart from composing. Are you a blocker? Do you file lawsuits? Do you protect your unused and otherwise entirely forgotten patent with the zeal of a pit-bull protecting his old buried bone? You're voting for Hillary!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bootstrapping into space with helium

Imagine you're a mountain climber whose ledge has just crumbled. As you look above you, there's no way up. Below there is no way down. Because of the rocky overhang above you, there's no way to lower a rope, and also no way a rescue helicopter can get close. You have pitons, but no rope left in your backpack. I envision this silly thought experiment as an example of bootstrapping a rope all the way from the ground, to high above where you are, where you need the rope to be.

Allow me to start with an apology. My analogy sucks. Sorry. My analogies have often been criticized. The funny thing about it is that even while people are criticizing my analogy, they're also getting my point. Understanding has been conveyed. A concept has been grasped. Communication has been achieved. So...entertain my silly thought experiment, I entreat.

There you are, stuck on a mountain. How will you get down? What if people on the ground floated a helium balloon up to you? It's a big helium balloon capable of carrying a thousand feet of strong thread. The balloon floats up and you are able to capture it. You carefully wind the thread around a makeshift spindle. As you pull the thread up, you notice it gets thicker. It gets stronger. More twinings are interwoven in this thread. After a while the thread is more like string. After a while the string is more like rope. You hammer in your piton, tie the rope securely on and then simply climb down. Imagine it. A simple helium balloon was the answer all along!
Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe. Sadly, most of it is in stars. On Earth, it’s formed from the radioactive decay of elements like uranium or thorium over millions of years. If not trapped, such as in rocks or underground caves, it is so light that it floats up through the atmosphere and slowly leaks into space. Also, unlike hydrogen, an even lighter gas, helium is inert: It almost never reacts with other chemicals. So it can’t get trapped in larger molecules—as hydrogen is trapped in water, for instance—that prevent its escape.
Imagine a helium balloon carrying a load towards space. The load that the lighter balloon is carrying, is a heavier helium filled balloon with extra strong fabric. Its extra bulky thick fabric could never float off the ground by itself, but because a much lighter helium balloon is towing it with a half-mile long tether it's able to float higher and higher. Once this bulky second balloon reaches a certain atmospheric density, it begins to expand and float upwards all on its own. The first balloon is jettisoned at a certain distance and it continues upward eventually reaching an atmospheric density where the bag pops releasing its stored helium. It plummets towards the Earth, but it's cargo—much denser, much stronger, is able to rise much much further into space. This second balloon carries a third balloon, one even tougher, even stronger, even heavier... and so on, until, finally, a tough strong helium filled balloon achieves escape velocity.
What makes a space balloon conceivable is that space is not a true vacuum. Even intergalactic space is filled with matter, albeit tenuous; by its standards, Earth’s extended atmosphere is a thick soup. As long as the balloon’s interior density is lower than the ambient density, it should rise—no matter how low the ambient pressure is. Drag force will limit the balloon's ascent velocity, but shouldn’t stop it altogether and can be minimized by choosing a prolate rather than spherical shape.

As the balloon rises, it will expand in inverse proportion to the ambient pressure and, neglecting temperature, density. At launch, the interior and exterior pressure is equal, and the interior density is lower; during the ascent, the pressure remains equalized, so the interior density will always be less than the ambient. Neglecting temperature is probably not a bad approximation: the absolute temperature will vary at most a couple of orders of magnitude, whereas the pressure and density fall off much more drastically, and in any event we can include a politician to regulate the temperature difference between interior and exterior.

The material tension would rise in proportion to radius. It has units of force, and the maximum possible force in nature, the Planck force, is 1044 newtons, so the balloon could get bigger than the known universe before it absolutely has to pop. The balloon walls would become extremely thin and porous, but because of the scaling of area and volume, they should always remain able to confine the gas.

Bottom line: if you release a helium balloon on the ground, it should rise forever! It will float up until Earth's atmosphere dovetails with the interplanetary medium, then float up and out of the solar system, then reach interstellar space and float out of the plane of the galaxy like the bubbles blown by supernova, and ultimately settle in one of the voids of large-scale cosmic structure.

Unless I’m missing something, it is a myth that balloons are inherently unable to work in space. The limit is set not by physics, but by trifling engineering problems such as material strength and permeability. Another caveat is that the laws of gas dynamics assume a continuum, an approximation that already fails in Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Now, someone, tell me what I’m missing.

Monday, July 4, 2016

I stop at McDonald's

I ask for the one dollar order of McGriddle Cakes. They ask—for the thousandth time..."You just want the bread?" They're so confused. Just bread? You want bread for breakfast?

"Yes," I say just the bread. When I get to work I put the bacon, cheese, and egg I prepared at home for about 77 cents (Bacon 50 cents, cheese 12 cents, egg 15 cents) I also ask McDonald's for a syrup because, why not? Anyway for $1.77 here's my breakfast sandwich:

Divided we fall

The presidential election will be identity politics. Hillary plans to run Cory Booker as her VP. She needs the black vote and this is the simplest way to get it. Of course practically every black person in the country already votes Democrat with only the tiniest of exceptions, but they only vote Democrat when they actually vote. With Cory Booker as VP now they'll get up off their sofas and actually go to the polls. So, for President of the United States we have women, blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQetc, poor, and of course all the East/West coast wealthy liberals. Against these various identities will be whites, men, heterosexuals, patriots, and people who work for a living. We haven't got a chance!

The Democrats control the media, the schools, the bureaucracy, and the courts. Whatever liberal USA suicide pill doesn't get passed in the legislature is later battled in the court of public opinion—shaped and massaged by the liberal media—and then ultimately decided in the Democrats' favor by our new unconstitutional oligarchy The Supreme Court of the United States of America. [SCUSA] Gay marriage? Men in the girl's bathroom? Eminent domain? Affirmative Action [aka racism]? No matter what legislator you voted for, it doesn't matter, because the rules aren't decided by a democracy. They're decided by 8 or 9 unelected presidents for life.

Here we are. Living in a country I no longer recognize. I mean that statement in two different ways. I no longer see any resemblance to what I remember, and I do not acknowledge its authority over me. If you work for Uncle Sam, you are working for the enemy. Today is the 4th of July. It's our nation's birthday. Hurrah? No! Don't celebrate, instead weep.

I went to Kroger today as I do every single day. I parked in my usual spot, as I do every single day. Today, on our nation's birthday, something was different. As I walked towards the entrance, a store manager came out and told me I'd have to move my car. He explained that my usual spot was reserved for special people. It was reserved for people who'd made a previous reservation. They'd called ahead and reserved my parking spot. I was nonplussed. "What?" "We've got a lot of people who are going to be arriving to pick up their orders," he said. So I moved my car. I went inside to purchase the two sixpacks of Ramen Noodles that I had the money for. When I came back out two minutes later, all fifteen ClickList spots were still vacant. I knocked on the "Associates Only" door, loudly. The manager came back out. I pointed at all the empty spots. I said: "all still empty!" He said: "Click List only." "Why did you put them all in the front?," I demanded. "The customers don't even have to get out of their cars! you could have put Click List spots at the back of the parking lot. Are your employees handicapped too?" At which point he walked away.

It's called "ClickList." For the nominal fee of $5.00 dollars, you can use the Kroger online portal to order a variety of products and have them delivered right to your car's trunk. Hurrah? No! Don't celebrate, instead weep. Obese, elderly, infirm, and of course simply lazy can now order a day ahead. Which is fine by the way. If you wan't to prove to the world how much of a lazy piece of shit you really are, click on your "ClickList."

If you're a fat lazy cow, you can have your doctor give you a blue sign that lets you park in the handicapped parking spots. Nobody has a problem with allowing people who are paralyzed, or who lack two sound legs, to park closer to the store. But we've all watched as lazy fat cows park in the handicapped spots, get out of their cars and SUVS, and then walk to the closest motorized handicart. You know you hate it! God knows I do. I want to kick them over and watch their dismay as at long last they finally comprehend their own pathetic self-induced helplessness. I hate them. I truly do. You fat pig you! "Put down that fork, stand up and walk!" (John 5:8) Anyway, now the cows have even more parking spots and even less incentive to get off their asses. Hurrah? No! Instead, weep for America, the land of the indolent, the home of the helpless.

By the way, Click List parking spots have been officially designated as places to leave your empty shopping cart. Trust me.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fighter pilots, sorry, here's your AI replacement

There's not a chess master in the world who can beat the latest AI. Recently, what was considered the Holy Grail of AI—an "artificially intelligent" computer beating Go grandmaster Lee Sedol—has been achieved. In fact if you think about the advantages of superhuman speed and infallible memory, there's literally no single task that a properly programmed computer or robot won't be better at. Rock Paper Scissors?

Computers can drive cars now, did you think they wouldn't fly planes? Remember the part about superhuman speed? Watch the rock paper scissors video again if you didn't see all of it. Computers react at a speed impossible for a human to even recognize while they're watching it. The Rock Paper Scissors robot isn't guessing what the human is going to do. It's reacting after the human has already done it, and so fast that at human speed it seems simultaneous. What does that mean for a fighter pilot against a computer? You zig robot zags, you zag robot zigs. For you the human fighter pilot, the robot reacts as though it already knows which way you're going to go. It doesn't. It simply reacts faster than you can even see.
Dubbed ALPHA, this [AI system] recently beat retired United States Air Force Colonel Gene Lee in multiple flight simulator trials, as the researchers explain in a paper recently published in the Journal of Defense Management.

The idea isn’t to replace human fighter pilots. According to Nicholas Ernest, a University of Cincinnati alum and the founder of Psibernetix, the company that developed ALPHA, this AI may ultimately act as a kind of digital assistant that provides real-time advice to pilots. Or it may fly unmanned aircraft that act as wingmen for planes piloted by humans. ALPHA doesn’t replace everything a human does, Ernest explains, but it can help juggle the enormous amount of data flowing from all various sensors on modern fighter planes.

“This isn’t for up-close dogfighting, or using your eyes to look out the cockpit,” he says. “It’s a lot of looking at what your sensors are telling you and interpreting that to tell you if you have a tactical advantage at this particular time and what your response should be.”

That’s where computers have a massive advantage. Just as companies like Google and Facebook scoop up massive amounts of data to determine our interests and decide what ads to show us next, ALPHA can slurp up the firehose of data streaming in from a plane’s sensors and makes quick decisions about how to respond. That said, ALPHA shouldn’t be confused with the AI systems that tech giants like Google, Facebook and Microsoft use. Those companies rely an approach called neural networking, which draws inspiration from the workings of the human brain. But ALPHA is based on a very different idea called fuzzy logic, which is more concerned with mathematical modeling. As Earnest puts it, fuzzy logic is concerned with emulating what people think, rather than on emulating the brain.
If you take one sentence from the above quoted article, remember this one: "The idea isn’t to replace human fighter pilots." No, that's not the idea! In fact the idea of washing machines isn't to replace human drudges manually stirring clothes boiling in a giant steaming kettle. Because why wouldn't we want flag-draped coffins and three-volley salutes? In fact ignore completely all the people telling you what the idea isn't. When somebody starts by telling you they "don't mean it like it sounds," guess what? Everybody worries about an AI computer that thinks and sets its own agenda. That may happen one day, but long before that day ever happens, your own job—whatever it is—will be replaced by AI. Sorry, that's the biz sweetheart.

So what will we do after "employment" is obsolete? We could all be stock market investors, betting on different competing AI run companies. The only problem with that idea is that AI stock market investors will always react faster than we do.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Defining A Democrat

Democrats believe:

They believe that any woman who wants to, should be able to have an abortion at any point in her pregnancy—up to and including labor. They are anti-gun and believe the best way to eventually outlaw gun ownership is incrementalism—sensible laws which take guns out of the hands of terrorists, gangs, criminals, and eventually you. They want higher taxes for the rich and higher transfer payments for the needy until eventually everyone is equally poor. They believe that the practice of homosexuality, transgenderism, and promiscuity should not only be protected but actively encouraged. They believe we should dismantle our nuclear missiles and cut the military budget to the bone—then chop its arms and legs off. They believe we should have open borders and allow everyone who happens to immigrate here on election day the right to vote several times that day.

Democrats want:

They want the government to control every facet of our lives from cradle to grave. They want this because they each believe that they will be the one in control. They dislike the traditional nuclear family—husband, wife, children, because that particular social unit is the hardest to impose government control over. Thus, public schools which detach children from that unit for extended periods of time, and brainwash them into believing in the asinine delusion that if only the Democrats were in control of government, everything else necessary in life would be provided for free and everyone would be happy, forever and ever. The fact that in reality there is no such thing as a free lunch, the Democrats deceitfully refute, by providing—what the kids are told is free—taxpayer funded lunch.

Democrats dream:

They dream of being the one sitting on a fancy chair while all the peasants stand behind velvet ropes waiting hopefully for the high-poobah to find favor and dreading his disfavor. They dream of a return to some variant of a monarchical regime, where those more equal than others control the means of production and the distribution of products and, as a fortuitous byproduct of that control, get to live like kings while the rest of the peasants (us) are permitted to kiss their royal asses.

Democrats act:

Like spoiled children. Like raging maniacs. Like mindless zombies. like scared little girls. Like this: