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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


To those of you who are aware that Donald Trump has just cost Republicans the election, don't expect an apology. If The Donald knows one thing, he knows that saying you're sorry is just asking for MORE2. The Red Cross poster wasn't racist. Racist people saw the poster and—because racists are always looking for racism—immediately focused on the two white people labeled as cool. They completely ignored the white people labeled uncool because ... the critics of this poster are RACISTS!

Now the Red Cross has apologized and let it be known that they're taking down this poster wherever it was plastered. This—(apologizing)—was obviously the worst thing they could have done. They have admitted guilt. They have shown weakness. They—the Red Cross—are now vulnerable to the many millions of umbrageous black racists who carry a life-long chip on their shoulders and constantly look for weakness and white-guilt in every non-black face they interact with. The Red Cross made a poster. It could have been thought out a little bit better. The Red Cross has apologized. IDIOTS!
The Red Cross has since ceased production of the poster, removed it from their website and mobile Swim App, and requested that any facilities that have the poster displayed take it down.

“As one of the nation’s oldest and largest humanitarian organizations, we are committed to diversity and inclusion in all that we do, every day,” Red Cross said in their apology.

Still, Ebony Rosemond, founder of Black Kids Swim, an online resource for black swimmers, feels that the organization’s official statement is insufficient.

Rosemond told The Washington Post that African Americans have long faced discrimination at pools and beaches, adding that there are not many regulation-sized pools for swimming or diving in black neighborhoods. She also said that images like the one published by Red Cross could discourage young black people from swimming in public pools, KUSA reported.

“In connection with the lack of images showing African Americans excelling in swimming, the poster doesn’t make you feel welcome — it suggests to a black child that you’re not welcome here,” Rosemond told the Washington Post.

“We want to restate that that apology is insufficient,” Rosemond added. “And their system for creating and evaluating material needs to be looked at, and they need to be extremely diligent to make sure that every poster is taken down.”
Now those who are guilty must be identified. It wasn't the entire Red Cross. Answers must be given: Who were the artists? Who approved this RAAAAAACIST poster for publication? Who funded this RAAAAAAACIST poster? Who put it up on their pool fence or locker room wall? Who can be blamed? WHO CAN WE BLAME! WHO CAN WE BEAT LIKE A WHITE-BOY PIÑATA?

UPDATE 06/28/2016 4:15PM CST
It’s an issue that’s flown pretty quietly under the media radar, but the 19 “rules of engagement” originally drawn up by Black Lives Matter organizers in Ferguson and largely agreed to by the mayor of St. Louis have gradually transformed into a more comprehensive list of demands known as Campaign Zero and been shopped around Washington, D.C. to politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

One of the platforms of Campaign Zero is to require that current and prospective police officers undergo mandatory implicit racial bias testing, the results of which would be factored into hiring, deployment, and performance evaluations.

The U.S. Justice Department announced on Monday that more than 33,000 federal agents and prosecutors will receive training aimed at preventing unconscious bias from influencing their law enforcement decisions. …

In a memo to Justice Department employees, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said the program targets “implicit biases” – subtle, unconscious stereotypes or characterizations nearly everyone makes about certain groups of people. …

The training will be mandatory for all Justice Department agents and prosecutors and will be rolled out over the next year, Yates said.

Arrest data compiled by some police departments have shown that black and Hispanic men are more likely to be stopped by police than others, suggesting officers may be exerting implicit bias in deciding whom to question or apprehend.
h/t Moonbattery

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