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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trump's chances inscrutable because MSM

Polls can't predict this thing. It's only June and the mainstream media has five more months to whack the Trump Piñata with the PC stick. What's funny is that they keep expecting him to apologize. They keep expecting him to change his tune. They keep expecting that their pressure will at some point, force him to finally at long last change his schtick. I wonder if one of the richest men on Earth is aware of something that I've noticed in my half-century on this lying treacherous dirtball of a planet. Give these scumbags an inch and they'll take everything you have and then keep piling on for another twenty years. Back up one little inch and you might as well pack your bags and go home, dig a hole in the backyard, climb in and pull the dirt in on top of you.

Reporters today are nothing more than a vast pool of bloodthirsty sharks who feed on humiliation. Seeing the sweat on the brow of their latest victim and exulting at the fear in the eyes of their fresh sacrificial goat is what they desire.


Hold on! Allow me to mediapomorphize for just a minute or two.

I'll attempt to climb into the mind of a misanthropic liberal self-promoting douche-nozzle like Matt Taibbi or Chuck Todd. I'll attempt to think as they might think. Okay here goes:

Now then, if I'm a liberal piece of shit ... what is it that I really want? I want socialism! Okay, but why would I want that? Because I want to be the leader of course, but since no sane human being would ever trust me with power over them, I need to be granted that power by a jackbooted thug. A bully in the local schoolyard parlance. So, what's so important about having power? Well that's simple. I was picked on and bullied as a kid. Yes of course I was! I was a poncy little poofter—that means an effeminate self-important pretentious little asshole who was universally hated by every single person that ever knew me, except for my mother of course who breastfed me on dreams of world domination. I want power so that first I can get even with the people I learned to despise, and second so that I'll finally be treated as I truly deserve, like the world-conquering hero I really am. Kiss my royal ass you worms! Grovel like you mean it! So anyway that's me and my personality ... and that's why today I'm a misanthropic liberal self-promoting douche-nozzle.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was explaining how my shitty childhood was what made me such a contemptible bloodthirsty misanthrope.

I learned as a young boy that the best way to avoid humiliation from the local schoolyard jackbooted thug was to deflect that humiliation the bully was looking to dish out onto someone else. I learned to be like that little chihuahua next to the big bulldog in the Looney Tunes cartoons.

It wasn't long before I discovered my true talent. What I do best is expose weakness in others. I've learned to excel and to revel in pointing out other's weaknesses, their character flaws, their educational flaws, their non-politically correct opinions, their closet racism, homophobia, you name it. If they fear others knowing something I can smell it on them like the stink of terror-piss down a trouser leg.

Okay, so that's it. That's the mainstream media. That's who they were, who they are, who they want to be. That's their life, their mindset and now perhaps you have a better understanding of who you're watching when you flip on that idiot box.

What I expect now—because I've seen this play out over and over like an endless rerun of Groundhog Day—is for the mainstream media to keep throwing dirt. Accusations of anything and everything. I expect baby mamas to come forward, rape victims to come forward, racism victims to come forward, people who got cheated, tyrannized, beaten, even murdered. it doesn't matter how asinine the claim, they're going to throw it all at Trump and wait for him to flinch. If he does...he loses.

How much shit can a jungle full of apes throw in five months? Folks they have a word for that. It's called a shit-storm!

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  1. Donald Trump represents the single greatest threat to the left’s thirty year history of shaming, name-calling, silencing, bullying, nannying, bossing around, the schoolmarmishness of the left: he just blows through it like a juggernaut.

    He's like a freight train. He represents an existential threat to the regressives we hate so much because he shows them up for the nonsense that they are. Every time he’s accused of being sexist, he either doubles down or shows with evidence and history why it’s not true. Every time he’s accused of being racist, he laughs it off and moves on. Any time he’s accused of any of these things it doesn’t work; it doesn’t affect him.

    And the media, which is so in hock to these ridiculous liberal social-justice lunacies and platitudes has lost its power to affect how people vote.

    The power of the American media to shape elections is fucking GONE. It’s OVER.