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Saturday, April 16, 2016


Do you hate the all caps yet? Rightwing news is this [...] close to going bye-bye from my blog-roll. It's APRIL! It's NOT JULY! Is the story about stripping, a bad mother, or child endangerment? You decide.

Here's the story. The mother of a 13 month old baby wanted to audition at a strip club...we can assume that she needed money to pay for rent utilities, food, formula, phone, etc. Obviously she should have left baby at home with a baby sitter while she auditioned. In fact she actually does HAVE a baby sitter, but it seems that the baby sitter wanted to watch the strip-club audition. Okay, insert your own feverish rationale for why one female would want to watch another female striptease. Anyway, the two WOMEN arrived at the strip-club around 4PM. They left the 13 month old baby wearing a COAT! in the car and went inside. The baby sitter claims that she periodically went outside to check on the baby. The temperature on April 15, 2016 in downtown Nashville Tennessee was—according to the police report...72 degrees.


It's APRIL! and it's ONLY 72° Fahrenheit outside. That's called "clement" weather folks. We all know that it's hotter inside a car with the windows rolled up, during daylight hours when the Sun is shining down. There's no doubt that babies and toddlers are sometimes left in hot cars and they die. This is definitely and absolutely a horrible and irresponsible thing for any mother, babysitter, or daycare worker to ever do. It's a crime and should be punished to the full extent of the law. That goes without saying...except that I had to say it because I'm trying to make a point here. You see, this ISN'T July! This isn't the SAHARA! This isn't 100° weather. This is Nashville in April. This is clement 72° weather and in spite of what the authorities in their clueless stupidity maintain, it wasn't over 100 degrees in that car. It seems to me—based on a lifetime (49 years if you have to know) of getting in a car in APRIL!—that it was more like 80°!

THIS IS COMMON SENSE! If you want to sit there—and damn you!—deny it, then you go get your thermometer and you wait until 4:00 PM. Then you walk outside and you put that thermometer in your car. Make sure the windows are all rolled up, and you wait for 30 minutes. After that go ahead and read that thermometer. (By the way, if you're reading this three months after the day I wrote this (04/16/2016) IN JULY, obviously your empirical evidence doesn't count! We're talking April 15, 2016 here.) It's not going to read 100 or 105. It's going to read less than 90°, probably closer to 80°.

So ... STRIPPERS is the story. No scratch that, A BUNCH OF LIARS! is the story. Did the police measure the temperature in the car after they "rescued" the baby...well I don't know! Let's go back to the original RIGHTWING NEWS clickbait BULLSHIT story and see what they wrote...
Officers were called to the scene after witnesses spotted the child in the car. The friend allegedly told police she had been coming back to check on the child, but witnesses reported never seeing the woman leave the club. The arresting officer noted in the warrant it was 72 degrees outside and the temperature inside the car was LIKELY over 100 degrees. The little girl was reportedly wearing a heavy coat and drenched in sweat when she was removed from the car. The mother was also charged with criminal impersonation for initially lying to officers about her identity. She did not have a valid driver’s license either. The friend’s bond was set at $10,000 and the mother’s bond was set at $40,000. Both women are due in court April 18. That child is much better off away from that woman. What a dirt bag.
(emphasis added)

"What a dirt bag?" "drenched in sweat?" "Likely over 100 degrees?" Wait ... I can play that game too!

The police officers arrived on the scene but WE HAVE TO WONDER...did they DELAY for life-threatening minutes because they wanted to finish their donuts first, before they FINALLY set out to rescue the imperiled infant? They were VERY LIKELY SPEEDING well over the speed limit in arriving, LIKELY imperiling hundreds—perhaps THOUSANDS!—of innocent drivers who simply wanted to drive home after work in rush hour traffic. After arriving at the strip-club it's LIKELY that they stopped for precious minutes to OGLE THE STRIPPERS on the floor, before finally contacting management in order to complete their LIFE-SAVING RESCUE!.

The woman wanted to strip for money. She trusted a babysitter to watch her child knowing that the babysitter also wanted to watch her strip. Dirt bag? Perhaps mommy is a dirt bag, but the facts in evidence don't support the narrative...the time of year, the clement weather, the short amount of time, the claims of witnesses about WHAT THEY DIDN'T SEE! ... I.E. They didn't see babysitter check on baby? Are you kidding me? Are we supposed to believe that witnesses peered unwaveringly at a car for 30 minutes before they finally discover that there was a baby inside, and after 30 minutes finally contacted the police? And afterwards they continued to peer unwaveringly all the while until police arrived? Is that what the witnesses did?

Sorry I'm calling it what it is. This is a BULLSHIT STORY! Oh yeah, and EFF YOU RIGHTWING NEWS!

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