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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Freedom vs. Power the eternal battle

What is power? I'm not talking about the different ways that citizens of the world make machinery and technology do what we want them to. I'm talking about the different ways that fascists make other people do what they want them to. There is a certain type of person that gets real enjoyment from forcing someone else to act against their own self-interest. I bet you know somebody like that. This type of person is a fascist. There are petty fascists in most every walk of life. You can't build a gazebo on your own property without the approval of some neighborhood committee. You can't add extra rooms, or even a swimming pool without checking with zoning boards and planning committees.

The fact is that the American Dream is NOT a house with two cars in the garage and a dog peacefully sleeping in his doghouse on the other side of a white picket fence. That's not why our ancestors crossed an ocean on a creaky leaking wooden boat with no instruments except some version of the crude compasslike contraptions they jerry-rigged back in those days. Refugees from fascist states starved, suffered vitamin deficiencies, and risked death on a daily basis in their two-months or longer voyage to come here to the only land that was still free.

What is freedom? The concept of freedom is manifold, but, inherent in freedom is the right to refuse to act against your own self-interest. It is therefore axiomatic that fascists as a part of their anti-freedom personality demand that others are required to perform activities and make decisions that cause them economic and personal hardship.

If a person demands that you perform actions that do not benefit you, and in many cases actually cause you to suffer economic harm, then by definition, that person is a fascist, and by definition you are that fascist's subject. This is exactly the way it was for the medieval serfs and their lords. This lack of freedom was why our ancestors risked everything including their very lives to cross a vast and unforgiving ocean to come here, to a world that didn't have a ruling faction of lords, fascists, dictators, or whatever other name you want to call this type of person by...

That was then. Today we are again constrained. We are again burdened by the pitiless yoke of the fascists' rule. Consider what these modern-day Lords demand. Turn off your air-conditioner in the summer—sweat—and turn off your heater in the winter—freeze. Sort your garbage into different piles—aka perform pointless labor that doesn't benefit you. Use less toilet paper—put up with itchy butt and track marks in your jockeys. Walk instead of drive. Pay hard-earned money for nearly inedible school lunch because your packed lunch is verboten. And finally die! Die younger than you should have, because your shitty rationed insurance—Thanks Obama!—won't pay for life-preserving surgeries medicines, and therapies. In addition we're asked to be grateful, because mister, at least we have abortion on demand!

You don't own your land. You rent it from the government. If you have to pay money for something in order to keep using it, then by definition you don't own it. You don't own your car. You don't own your boat. You don't own a lot of your software. The fact is that you don't even own yourself. Now that every man woman and child must purchase health insurance, by Supreme Court ordained law, the precedent is set. You can be taxed simply because you exist. If you can't pay your existence tax—then necessarily—penalties must accrue! The fix is in. How long before non-paying health-care tax scofflaws are imprisoned? All we need is one more liberal on the Supreme Court, one more liberal in the oval office, and a few more establishment politicians from either party and the stage is set for prison for nonpayers of the existence tax.

Relax, it's not all bad. While you enjoy your prison stay, remember that you also have the freedom to make the state pay for your penis to be carved into an unrealistic and dry vagina! By the way, do you want to be a dragon? Cool, be a dragon. Just remember that you're not allowed to water your grass except on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

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