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Monday, February 15, 2016

The bully demands your lunch money; will you submit or suffer?

The "bully demanding the wimp's lunch money" trope is a cliché common in television and movies. Before the credits roll we fully expect to see the wimp not only stand up to the bully, but then—amazingly—defeat the bully in a mano-a-mano fisticuff showdown. Make no mistake however, the bully is bigger. He's meaner. He's unpracticed in defeat of any kind. What he wants is the way it's supposed to be. Everybody agrees. Give the bully your lunch money fool! But the poor hungry kid refuses to submit. He fights back, and incredibly, he wins! There it is! It's the ultimate Hollywood plot that captures the imagination of every wimp that got bullied all through 12 years of hell. Everybody goes home feeling good about themselves. It's good vs. evil and of course good wins. The moral of the story is that bullies never prosper, and eventually they pick on the wrong wimp. Except that when we graduate, it's still the same story; give me your lunch money fool!

When does it end? Death and taxes are are two inevitable things that—amazingly—cancel each other out. There's a lot of irony there. If you're alive you pay taxes. If you're dead? Not so much. I laugh at people who recycle. They actually sort through their nasty slimy trash picking through until there's one pile and another. Many go even further. They don't eat meat. They carpool. They try to live "carbon neutral." They wrap Christmas presents in old newspaper or who knows what. The worst thing about these people is their asinine assumption that this makes them somehow "good" or "higher than." These are the same sanctimonious ass-holes who sided with the bully every time. "Just give him your lunch money." "Fighting never solves anything." "I don't know what happened Principle Rafferty; I was studying for my test in 3rd period."

Cowards and assholes and fools, oh my! Let's talk about bullies and lunch money for a minute. Who is the ultimate bully? He's the guy who takes your lunch money before you even get it. The United States Government is the ultimate bully. If you work you pay tax. If you own property you pay tax. If you buy pay tax. Drive, hunt, fish, go on tax tax tax. Bullies will always demand your lunch money. They were born to do it. Today the bully's name is IRS.

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