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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Some black lives matter

"Black lives matter," is a racist statement. It might not have started out that way, but today, with the constant push back against those who rebut: "All Lives Matter," I can only conclude that those who chant: "Black Lives Matter," actually believe that "Only Black Lives Matter."

If I were allowed to waterboard members of BLM (Black Lives Matter) I could prove it. I admit the prospect of waterboarding a collective of ... racists bigots and useless EBT card using, section eight dwelling, bus riding, dope smoking, malt-liquor drinking, trash making, unemployed losers ... (this writer breathes in, he breathes out...) to find out what they really think about life the universe and everything, would certainly be a learning experience. I say that because I can't understand why that kind of person is the way they are. The first thing you'll realize when you talk to somebody like that, is that they're not like you and me. They don't read political blogs. They don't even speak the same language. They're constantly inventing new ways of speaking that only their own useless sort understand.

It's important to articulate the rules—or perhaps a better word is "philosophy"—that these BLM types live by. We need a way to understand their behavior on some basic level. We can draw a few general conclusions, but the deep underlying cause of their worldview, their behavior and their lack of character is still a mystery. I believe it really would take waterboarding to get the truth. Here's what I've figured out so far. It's not much, but then I don't have a waterboard and a collection of interviewees.

  1. It's not their fault. These BLMs are powerless. Somebody else will always be to blame. It's whitey. It's the system. It's the police. It's the lack of opportunity. It's their parents or their siblings or their school. It's the principle, the teacher, the book, the road, the fence, the dog, the food or lack of food. It's fate, or God, or the Devil. It's somebody else that has caused all their trouble, and the biggest problem of all, the thing that infuriates them the most, is your own refusal to believe their excuse. That really pisses these people off.
  2. Because rule number one is true, then it therefore follows that society itself is the enemy. When police hunt down and punish these BLMs for something that's not their fault—(they did commit the crime but it's only because of society)—that's just more injustice. They're not to blame. Why does society punish BLMs for stealing, arson, rape, murder, selling drugs, scamming people, assaulting people, running with a street gang, all the things that are against the law, when—can't you just understand—it's not their fault. They have no choice. It's the system. It's you—who are not black—that are to blame. Let them keep doing what they do. After all it's not hurting you ... unless you happen to be their next victim. But see if that happens then it's because you had it coming anyway.
  3. Until white people have been subjected to a variable quantity of years—the exact number depends entirely on the particular BLM you ask—of slavery, repression, degradation, ignominy, hell on earth, whippings, lynchings, rape, etc. The BLMs will keep doing what they do—as they're entitled to do (see rule number two). Rule number three however, refers back to rule number one. Because rule number three is never going to happen, we can conclude that rule number one will always be true until the end of time ... Or until hell freezes over ... Which could happen in the coming ice age.
I'm talking about useless lives here, if you haven't picked that up by now. There are a lot of useless lives on this planet. Think back on your own life. Did you ever work and earn a paycheck? Congratulations! Millions of people haven't and never will...Useless. Did you ever stop and help somebody change a tire? Did you ever volunteer? Take a CPR course? Carry a cell phone and patrol your neighborhood looking for troublemakers, gangs, burglars? Did you ever in your entire life do something not for yourself, but because helping matters? Congratulations! You matter. As for Black Lives Matter? I'm sure some of them do.

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