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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

If America chooses socialism, then they choose slavery.

If A = B and B = C then ... Logically we can conclude that A = C. If Bernie Sanders is a socialist and every socialist country eventually failed horrifically then we can conclude that choosing Bernie Sanders is choosing horrific failure. On a side note, we can also conclude that Hillary Clinton is nothing more—or less—than Bernie Sanders but with a vagina, and a reputation for corruption, lies, and infinite greed.

Think about what you want. Do you want a higher paying job? Of course you do! How do you get that higher paying job? "Working hard?" No! Your employer expects you to work hard. Every tom dick and harry is capable of working hard. If you're pushing a lawn mower, you don't get extra points for pushing it harder, pushing it faster. Here's how you get ahead, by solving problems, by working smarter. By doing a good job.

For example suppose you work for a lawn maintenance company pushing a lawn mower. Your co-worker is also pushing a lawn mower. Maybe there's some sort of friendly or not so friendly rivalry going on as well. You finish first or your competitor finishes first. That's how jobs work. That's how we're all scored. But it's not so simple, is it? If, in your haste, you mow over rocks, trash, a sprinkler head or some kid's toy, then you end up damaging equipment and possibly destroying your client's property. That's not good business, ever. Fast and careless is a child's way to do a job. My father told me something once that I'll never forget and it's the one primal and singular question that really determines quality vs. quantity. Do you want it fast or do you want it good? You can't have both.

So, while working hard is important, it's not most important. Working smart is what gets you that promotion, every time. how does this relate to socialism? Bernie Sanders will push hard to get your college to be paid for by the state. After all, what makes you smarter than having that college degree? I kid, I kid... Bernie will also work hard to have your health care paid for by the state. He'll work hard to provide homes for the homeless. He'll push hard to get food for the hungry. He'll push and shove that heavy indiscriminate lawnmower of government equality to provide the basic living conditions necessary to provide every citizen everything they need for health and happiness. Wow! that sounds swell! But it doesn't sound very smart. Sprinkler head, meet lawnmower man!

It's like he's our Daddy! Bernie will provide shelter, food, schooling ... his message is exactly what every kid wants to hear, every kid who was ever forced to finally grow up and face this cold hard world for the first time. College doesn't make you smart. If you don't believe me, just watch come Occupy Wall Street videos.

Receiving handouts doesn't make you wealthy or even happy for that matter. There's an ineffable soul rewarding quality that comes with providing for your family through your own effort and work. You can't get that kind of contentment and happiness and ... something I can't even begin to describe with welfare checks and EBT cards.

Dreams coming true stories are always great. They're also quite rare. Every few days or weeks there's somebody who wins the lottery. Every once in a while some nobody lands a dream job or is heard on the radio or is noticed in Hollywood. He or she invents something, or writes a book about a school for wizards. These stories are few and far between. You see, real dreams-coming-true success is actually incredibly rare. Mostly what happens, is that people grow up. They go to work. They pay their bills. They retire. They die.
Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbor's wife, neither shalt thou covet thy neighbor's house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or any thing that is thy neighbor's.
The dream of socialism is that everybody will finally be equal. Nobody will have a bigger house. Nobody a better education. Everyone will share equally in every resource and opportunity. Nobody will have to work longer hours. Nobody will have to work on holidays. Everybody will get a month per year of paid vacation time. On and on it goes, all the wonderful things that everyone will have once everyone is exactly equal. Except for the fact that collectivism doesn't work and can't work. It can't work because nobody will work unless they get something tangible as a reward for doing it. Furthermore, nobody will share their own hard won resources unless they genuinely love and care about those they are asked to share with.

We know just from existing for a couple of decades or more, that some people are slower than others. Maybe intellectually slower, maybe physically slower. Maybe both. If you watch people scanning their own groceries at the U-Scan in your local grocery store for only a few minutes, you'll quickly see why any system based on collectivism is completely unworkable.

People resent receiving the same pay as somebody else who does only half as much work. Since they can't double their own pay they cut their work efforts in half. This concept explains the systemic shortages in the USSR for every sort of good and service. Every member of that benighted and woebegone collective known as the USSR did the absolute bare minimum; which was often nothing at all in many cases. Russian citizens typically spent most of their leisure time standing in line for the opportunity to purchase a miniscule portion of barely edible food.

Since nobody is willing to share everything they own with all the citizens of the entire nation, and since nobody is willing to work if they get absolutely nothing for performing that work, then the individual members of the collective must be forced to work and forced to share. We're not bees or ants. There's nothing in our DNA that forces us to perform back-breaking labor for a lifetime and have nothing to show for it. Therefore if the work must be performed for the collective, and if the collective refuses to reward that hard work with tangible reward, then only punishment and the threat of punishment can compel the members of the collective to perform that work.

Forcing people to work against their will by threat of punishment for no tangible reward ... that ladies and gentlemen is the definition of slavery. Whether you call them slave masters or a members of the nomenklatura, the privileged and wealthy elite compel their slaves to work on threat of pain and death and then reap all the reward for that work themselves. That's Bernie Sanders's platform, otherwise known as an auction block.

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