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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Have a Whopper Now and Another Later

BOGO Whopper If that link doesn't work, just Google "Free Whopper Coupon."

You say you only want one Whopper? You say that letting a Whopper, or any burger for that matter, sit in the refrigerator ruins it? Well normally you'd be right. The burger glues itself to the bun over time and when you try to peel it off to reheat you end up ruining the bun and have a layer of bread on your burger. The secret is of course removing the burger from the bun before it cools off and then putting that burger in a ziplock bag all by itself. Next you rewrap the bun and veggies in the original wrapper and place all of the above in your refrigerator.

Another trick that I think is very important, is to ask BK to skip the sauce; no ketchup, no mustard, and no mayonnaise. These sauces will make the bun soggy over time. I bet you already have these condiments in your refrigerator! If not put them on your next shopping list. A pack of individually wrapped American or pepper jack cheese, your favorite sauces, and of course a jar of jalapenos to make it great. Lunch and dinner for a little over four bucks.

You're welcome!

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