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Saturday, November 14, 2015

France has its 9/11 moment

My wife of 15 years was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes several years ago. She was distraught, understandably so, but was even more distraught by the lack of sympathy from medical workers, and her doctor who frankly explained her condition was mostly her own fault. Her sedentary lifestyle and lack of weight control were the primary causes of her condition. She's since gone on an Atkins diet and has brought her weight down. She doesn't require insulin and as long as she controls her carbs tightly, she should be fine.

There are life-changing moments that all of us go through. We live for years doing whatever we want and suddenly out of the blue we discover that both action, as well as inaction, have consequences.

Many of you will be angry at my next comment. Tough shit!

If five or ten percent of the Bataclan concert goers had been carrying concealed, the outcome would have been triumphant instead of tragic.

These people were slaughtered like sheep. Like sheep! They played dead and now they are dead. It's tragic, horrific, unexpected, and very sad. If only a few of them had shot back. If only a few of them had rushed their attackers. If only they'd had a flight 93 moment, a Thalys train moment. But they didn't. And they all died, butchered like sheep in a slaughterhouse. It's shameful, in a word. Shameful!

Now, France is going to war. Hurrah...Turtling in their shell didn't work. Now they'll have to fight. I know...I'm the bad guy. I'm the one who doesn't kowtow to the PC police and express sympathy and empathy, and all those other pathys... My bad.

We had our 9/11. We watched in horror as thousands—not just hundreds mind you—were slaughtered like sheep. We watched in disgust as you French people refused to join us. Refused to fight. Refused to allow us to use your airports. Refused to even allow us to fly over your airspace. In response we refused to eat french fries. We created our own side item dubbed freedom fries. Childish I suppose, but also symbolic.

France, you thought you could remain neutral. You thought they'd leave you alone. You thought, if you made no waves, remained compliant, peaceful, neutral, conspicuously silent, they'd leave you alone. Obviously you were mistaken.

When my wife came home crying, I was supportive, but the words running through my head kept trying to slip through my lips. Don't you understand? Don't you get it? You really did bring this on yourself. This wasn't unexpected at all. There's no surprise here. Your own actions and in-actions made this moment inevitable.

Welcome to the fight, France. We understand that you didn't understand. We're glad you finally get it. Now, let's exterminate these savages down to the last inhuman POS, finally! Here, have some freedom fries. I made them this morning, and they are delicious! (sorry Taff, none for you.;=)

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