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Saturday, November 14, 2015

BOOM!!!!! .... No, not a suicide belt ... it's this comment...

Mary RN had this to say:
Practicing Islam should be a hate crime. The Koran should be treated like the confederate flag. It offends me. It should be outlawed and practicing this cult should be like going to a KKK meeting. If another terrorist attack happens on American soil, the mosques should be leveled. NO refugees from the middle east. None. The ones already here need to be kept in fema camps. Round them up.
YES! YES! YES! Islam is hate, and Mohammed is the Antichrist. Allah is Satan and all his followers are demons from hell. This is not hyperbole, this is demonstrable fact. Evil is as evil does. When will people wake up and smell the devil? Every Muslim is just a single synapse fire from going 9/11. Muslims are evil. They're savages. They're the enemy. Wait I've got an idea Obama, why don't you stand in the corner facing the wall and wait for the Blair Witch to take a nap?

Don't you abhor this kind of histrionic rhetoric? I bet you're thinking...what an idiot! What a racist. What a maroon! What an ignoranamous!

This whole thing is what I've been screaming since about 14 years ago. If the enemy confronts you, he must be defeated, utterly. He must be driven before you. He must be shown no mercy. His way of life must be destroyed. His livelihood must be annihilated, His contacts must be severed. His religion must be snuffed utterly and categorically. His every thought, gesture, and word, must be "UNCLE! UNCLE! UNCLE!"

Until we grind these savages into the dirt from whence they sprang, this shit will continue. But I predict that this latest French atrocity might just be a signed death warrant. At long last the people are finally waking up. They're beginning to realize that this cult of death called Islam must be decimated, outlawed, and finally excised from our planet.

Nuke Mecca!


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  1. An man in your position, the influence you wield over the readers of your blog, I'd expect a solution more realistic. We cannot nuke Mecca...