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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Globull Warming Cat 6 Hurricane Annihilates Mexico!

Or Not...

This was the STRONGEST hurricane ever recorded! 245 MPH winds promised to overturn cars, trucks, and buildings, and leave nothing behind but swirling mud, and later when the waters receded, nothing left but dust in the wind. It was—in short—to be nothing less than POCKSECYLIPSE FULL OF PAIN!

I know how you feel. Everyday is harder than the next. For the first time in America's history the youth believe that their own lives will be harder than their parents. For the first time in America's history our children look at what we have and think to themselves that things will only get worse. And they're right. Not because of Globull Warming. Not because of racism. Not because of Homophobia. Not because of a "glass ceiling." Not because of Islamophobia. No! They know things will get worse because the American Dollar—the World's Reserve Currency, has been devalued systemically—and I would say treasonously—over the years until today a typical monthly power bill costs more than a new car used to cost. But whatever. That's my new mantra by the way: "Whatever." You raised taxes? "Whatever." You increased my health insurance premiums and lowered my benefits to the point where it no longer makes any economic sense to purchase health insurance? "Whatever."

The largest hurricane in the history of forever just hit Mexico? "Whatever."

I'm reminded of a stampede. What happens when the crowd allows fear, anger, happiness, or even curiosity to rule? Emotions and crowds are always a deadly combination. The demagogue uses both crowds and emotions to destroy those he hates. In history it's always been this way. From the French revolution to Nazi Germany to Barack Hussein Obama, the hater hates, and he uses crowds and emotions to enflame and destroy civilization.

There is an aphorism called Hanlon's Razor which states in essence: "Never attribute to malice, that which can be explained by stupidity." Yes, of course! They didn't mean to annihilate America completely both from within and from without, diabolically and completely. It was just a series of stupid mistakes that went on and on over the years ... perfectly.

Imagine—if you can—getting a zero on your Scholastic Aptitude Test. (the SAT) You'd have to successfully answer every single question incorrectly, starting with your own name. Is it possible? I'd say that it is, but I wouldn't attribute the zero score to anything like stupidity. It would take real brains to fail that completely.

So Thanks Obama! Thanks for Glubull Warming. Thanks for no health insurance. Thanks for a $300.00 per month power bill. Thanks for my 70 hour a week job. Thanks for everything you took, and thanks for the big fat zero you gave back. Thanks for less than nothing. A lot of people think you're a big fat zero, as in: Ă˜bama, but I give you more credit than that. You took my bank balance and you multiplied it by -1. Thanks Obama, what could I do without you?

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