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Saturday, September 19, 2015

What's Happening?

It's just never enough, is it? It is tragically Sisyphean in point of fact. The never-resolved tragic situation seems to be America's calling card. We go just so far, but never quite far enough to finish. World War II was the last time that we actually finished something that we started. Vietnam, Korea, the never-ending wars in the Mideast represent a roiling stew of humanity that can't ever quite make up its mind about what it is that we want. The war on poverty. The war on drugs. The war on wars. What a joke! It's all so impossibly stupid and pointless that as I write these words I'm left shivering with fury.

The road to Obamacare required a super-majority in the Senate, and a President who'd sign on the dotted line. It's a fascinating story of bad-luck and fate, that you might be interested in discovering. Today many of us have lost our health insurance. Many more of us have discovered that in-spite of doubled insurance premiums, our coverage has almost vanished.

Planned Parenthood. What a joke! Why not just call it what it is? They should rename this diabolical unholy flock of baby slaughterers. Why not call it: "Oh Shit!" As they carve up your "donation" and sell it piece by piece for a tidy profit, you might want to ask yourself what does it cost?

I had an argument last night with my atheist brother. He couldn't stop arguing the bible with me. I'd say something like: "How did the Big-Bang happen?" and he'd respond with a non-sequitur about a "magic man in the sky." "Where did the first one-celled organism come from?" "Well it certainly didn't come because the magic man in the sky said 'abracadabra'." "Just explain where the first one-celled organism came from!" "I don't have to. Everything you say is stupid. You're stupid. It's too bad you believe in ghosts vampires, werewolves and magic men who live in never-never land."

"You don't have to?!!! WTF! You don't have to have an explanation for how life happened? You claim to have all he answers and you claim that science itself is on your side but you refuse! You REFUSE! to even entertain the idea that your own hypothesis of life omits ... leaves out ... doesn't mention ... ignores ... fails to recognize that life is so impossibly complex that it CANNOT! happen by accident.

All atheists have on this topic is the 'BELIEF' that life just suddenly and mysteriously appeared as though by some strange and mysterious sort of alchemy or something. BOOM! LIFE! Hurrah!? That's not an argument that's insanity! You haven't gone far enough. You've stopped at 'I don't have to know how it happened.' What happened to: 'then what?'"

Oh but I've gone off topic. Appy polly loggies. The world is on the verge of eating its own tongue—perhaps with a serving of fava beans and a nice chianti—but lets ignore all of that and unilaterally decree that GAY MARRIAGE IS THE LAW OF THE LAND! Iran with nuclear missiles is the law of the land. Common core and failure is the law of the land. NASA is about making Muslims feel good about their own dischievements.
Charles Bolden, a retired United States Marines Corps major-general and former astronaut, said in an interview with al-Jazeera that Nasa was not only a space exploration agency but also an "Earth improvement agency".

Mr Bolden said: "When I became the Nasa administrator, he [Mr Obama] charged me with three things.

"One, he wanted me to help reinspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering."
If you fell asleep 40 years ago and woke up this morning, I would expect you to ask this question:

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