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Thursday, September 24, 2015

[They] are turning the world into homos! Here's why.

As I was walking through the grocery store today I turned down the Deodorant/shampoo aisle. I turned to my brother and pointed out the cheapest shampoo. (Suave) A 32 ounce bottle costs $1.59. I said, "You see that bottle of shampoo? You can wash your hair with that, but you can also use it as body soap. There was a day when they didn't have "Shampoo," they just had soap. Then what happened, is that some genius figured out that if you make a soap specifically for hair, you can sell twice as much soap." My brother was doubtful. "How do you know that's what happened?" "Because I know people. I know scams, and I know how scammers work."

Suddenly I realized I was onto something. I looked towards the other side of the aisle and what do you know, there it was! On one side was men's deodorant and shampoo, and on the other side of the aisle was women's deodorant and shampoo. So I said to my brother: "Look over here. You see this? There was a day when they didn't have one kind of soap for men and a different soap for women. It was just soap. They figured out how to sell four different kinds of soap for hair and body and men and women, two different kinds of deodorant, also."

"You know what?" I said, "something just occurred to me. The makeup industry that convinced women that they should slather their faces with all that plaster and paint is certainly quite the racket. One paint for the eyelid, one paint for the lips, one paint for the eyelashes, another for the cheeks, a pencil for the edge of the eyelid. More paint for the fingernails and probably a different paint for the toes."

"Do you see the problem?" I asked. "It's a waste of money?" I shook my head sadly at his lack of imagination. "Look, the cosmetics industry is a HUGE. But they're only getting half the market. What if they could get men to wear makeup? Then they could sell twice as much!" So there it is. You want to know why the big push to turn everybody gay? So they can sell more makeup.

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