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Friday, September 11, 2015

Omens of darkness ahead

Thunder crackles as I write these words.

I saw a rainbow this morning. I didn't think to myself when I saw it, that it had something to do with fornication, unnatural sexual acts and people who wanted their penises chopped off. No, I immediately praised God. It didn't occur to me in the moment of that beautiful sight that rainbows had anything to do with a bunch of deviants and perverts. Seeing the rainbow glowing so perfectly in the darkening sky I thanked God out loud for his bounty and for this beautiful world that he has created for all of us.

As I drove along further, the skies continued to darken and the rainbow disappeared. Then, ahead, I saw a glowing cloud in the darkening sky, an impossibly perfect cloud glowing so brightly that it was the only thing different in the this night black morning. It was shaped exactly like Africa, complete with Madagascar to its right. What could it mean?

Iran and the capitulation deal that, frankly was pre-agreed upon by both Democrats and Republicans was inevitably passed by not passing, this was an impossibly labyrinthine contortion of congress which in any sane world would make all the ground hogs sit up and ask: WTF just happened? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? etc.

Sanity alas is behind us and chaos and woe is the forecast.

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