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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cynicism City and Legal Kung-fu

My brother lost his job and his insurance. He's in the process of looking for another job but insurance is the problem at this point. His wife who's divorcing him doesn't have him on her insurance and since they're still married he can't get medicaid. He's also homeless since she kicked him out, has no vehicle—(his ex-boss provided him with a company car so why buy his own?)—oh yeah and his kidney's are at 20% function and they develop kidney stones faster than you can say "spit." (he just got another one.)

He's living with my family now, but I can't get him on my insurance. He's not a spouse or a dependent. Now, this all leads up to the magic cynical question of the day...why can't I get married to my own brother—while of course keeping my wife? If that happened, he'd be a spouse and I could get him insurance, allowing him to get a prescription for blood-pressure medication, medication to keep him from developing more kidney stones, oh yeah and also medication to keep him from screaming out loud as the kidney stones he has now swirl around stabbing and scratching at the insides of his kidney?

Okay, time for truth. I canceled my insurance. My boss asked me to pay $187/week for a policy that had a $5000.00 deductible per family member and no copays. AKA Prescriptions $5000.00 deductible. Doctor visits $5000.00 deductible...etc. This was at best what they used to call bare-bones catastrophic coverage ... as in ... So you got hit by a meteor, now what?

However, what if I could get my brother on my insurance? He'd most definitely cost WAY MORE than $5000.00 in only a couple of months and all of a sudden it would be worth paying my extravagantly overpriced and completely worthless insurance premium. Shitty insurance would suddenly and amazingly be worth 187/week! Now I realize some of you are saying...why do you want to bilk the insurance industry and the healthcare industry for thousands of dollars that they will lose if they have to pay for your brother's hospitalizations and prescriptions? Isn't "bilk" a great word? Thank you in advance for your rhetorical objection. Please, allow me to retort...

The inflation rate in health care has been more than double the general inflation rate. In addition Obamacare has exacerbated the problem to a catastrophic degree...this, this, and this.

Meanwhile I haven't had a raise since George W. Bush was president. Let that sink in, for just a minute. I'm not alone. I'm a regular guy who works 70+ hours a week just to make ends meet. You'll notice that out of a million blog-o-sphere blogs there's no ... please give me money ... button. I'm a cynic, yes, but I'm a proud one. So I guess I'll let the drama in Kentucky play out. I'll wait and see whether sister wives is a-okay with Justice Kennedy.


I almost forgot...



  1. Know how I know you're just formally announced your engagement to your brother.

  2. Yes, I was expecting that. You know how I knew you were gay? My new bride plans to appoint you as her bridesmaid!