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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Are you a person or are you a member of the herd?

Imagine someone completely useless. I bet you don't have to imagine; I bet you know somebody who is completely useless. Feed her. Clothe her. Listen to her complaints. She doesn't get enough, she complains constantly. She's hungry. She's cold. She's hot. She's thirsty. She's hungry. She's in pain. Life hasn't treated her kindly. She's a victim of circumstance. If only she'd been luckier, born in a wealthier family, taller, stronger, smarter, etc.

If you ask her what the meaning of life is, she'd probably tell you that there is no meaning. Life is a puppy struggling to get a suck at the last tit. Life is a tree that wasn't burned in the latest wildfire. Life if a fox who gets a drink of water without getting caught in the hunter's trap. Life is a dream, a scam, a joke, a sentence, a mummer's farce.

Think about all the people who depend on you. You go to work everyday. You do what society expects. You pay your taxes, do your shopping, vote. I bet you've sometimes asked yourself, "Who am I?" "Why am I here?"

Why do you work so hard and for such long hours to support people who are completely useless? Please notice that I'm not talking about children who've yet to grow up. I'm not talking about somebody who's sick and trying his best to get better. I'm not talking about the deaf dumb blind kid who sure plays a mean pinball. I'm talking about the person—I use that them loosely—who refuses to do anything for anybody. A world of sociopaths exist and for them the only question they would ask is "what do I get out of this deal?" Their only imperative is getting the utmost for nothing at all.

They have cow brains. They graze on what life offers, offering nothing and existing only to consume what the earth gives them free of charge. They are prey. They exist to be run down and consumed. Nature will eventually sentence them to their deserved fate. They have a (D) beside their name.

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