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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed and his ominous clock

The New York Times wants you to be as outraged as they are at the treatment that this young teen received from school authorities and police in Irving Texas. How shameful and unjust—some would say—to arrest a young teen for simply engaging in the American dream, engaging in the learning process and innocently building a digital clock. In a metal box. With metal wire wrapped around it. And—by the way—how bigoted and racist for any of us to even consider the fact that his name happens to be Ahmed Mohamed.

Taqiyya is a time honored Muslim tradition. In contrast to the tenets of Christianity, deceit, dissembling, and bald-face lying are all tacitly accepted and even encouraged when it promotes the advancement of Sharia or the increase of Mohammed followers.

So, who're you going to believe? Ahmed Mohamed or your lying eyes? It looks like a bomb and his name is Ahmed Mohamad. What a perfect foil Ahmed presents to us. He's just a wrongly accused innocent kid. He's not a terrorist, and shame on you for thinking he might me. Now we've learned the error of our ways. Now we can let our bigotry and racist stereotyping finally fall by the wayside, and embrace the 10,000 Syrians that are on their way. But don't worry, only 200 of them are likely to be terrorists.

It's at this point that I thought it would interest you to know that the catastrophic terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, was the result of only 19 terrorists. If 19 jihadis could cost us two trillion dollars, doing some simple math—okay this math wasn't quite so simple after all—I get over one-hundred five billion per terrorist. That works out to 105,263,157,894.00 x 200 = twenty-one trillion dollars of possible damage these poor refugees could potentially inflict upon America under cover of taqiyya and our politically correct thought police...AKA NYT.

Did I mention the precocious fourteen-year-old Muslim named Ahmed Mohamed who already knows how to build digital clocks from scratch?

UPDATE 09/17/2015 12:55 PM CST

Ahmed's device does look suspicious. I didn't have a picture of it yesterday, but here it is:


  1. You are an idiot if you call "taqiyya" a 'time honored tradition'. Did you bother to cross check this covenient 'fact'?

    Shiite and only shiites allow themselves to lie in order to save their lives, if need be. That is the extent of it.

    You are a brazen hate-monger and I doubt you would ever be ashamed of being so. Only such a person can ignore the obvious and opt for the shameless.

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  3. Hey Chaka, thanks for visiting.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume you're busy honoring a time honored tradition.