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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trump or Chump?

My first thought is that I want a younger president than Donald Trump or Hillary. My second is that I don't want Jeb Bush. My third thought is that I don't trust Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush. Of the three Donald Trump is the least predictable.

I know what Hillary would do. She would continue in the manner of Obama. She would continue to push the EPA to destroy the coal industry, an industry that employs 174,000 Americans. She would also continue the push to redistribute wealth from the makers to the takers. She would veto any bill that threatened Obamacare, that threatened the Obama environmental orders he has decreed, or that threatened to curb the flood of illegals crossing our southern border. In addition I suspect she would load a few more sacks of straw onto the back of that stumbling struggling camel known as the American tax payer. If she didn't have the support of congress—which I suspect she wouldn't—she'd do it by continuing to import—and support—even more millions of new illegals from the poverty stricken shores of countries where the people don't speak English—or even know how to read their own language for that matter. The next four—or eight—years would look like Obama versions 3.0 and 4.0. (A crappy operating system worse than Windows Millennium Edition) It would be an operating system that we have to re-pay for every year, that doesn't do anything but crash—shut down the government—for days or even weeks at a time, every time there's a budget vote, and ensures that those of us who work for a living will work longer hours for less money until the day we finally drop dead from some untreated disease that we didn't have the money to treat because we can't afford insurance and the "Affordable Care Act" is only affordable for the people who get it for free, or almost free.

I know what Jeb Bush would do also. No, he wouldn't repeal Obamacare. He might claim that he would, but he wouldn't. There are too many poor people already on it. There are too many illegal immigrants already on it. He'd try to tweak it. Every time the mainstream media criticized him, he'd cave and vacillate. When states complained about illegal immigration, Jeb Bush would promise to get right on that, and then he'd do nothing. He'd push for more money for the military, like his brother. He'd push for lower taxes, like his brother. In the end, he'd vote for a huge new unaffordable entitlement program, like his brother. Much like George Bush, his brother, he wouldn't have any grand plans of his own. His only goal would be to maintain the status quo by continuing to borrow the money from our children. For some people it's all a big popularity contest and nothing else matters. If the public seems to want something, then that's what Jeb will want. If the public seems to want something else ... ditto. Much like a weathervane, Jeb will swing whichever way the wind blows. Jeb Bush is a giant flapping sack of wind that swings in whatever direction the wind blows. He's like Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. The honorable: "It's a tax. It's not a tax." "established by the state...or you know ... whatever." Jeb Bush is the Mini-Me of John Roberts:

I don't know what The Donald would do. He says he'll build a wall. Well, it's a start, but I'm not certain he'd even do that. What if what he really wants is Hillary for President? Do we trust this guy? He's a billionaire because he always makes the decisions that benefit him. It seems to me, that while what he says seems exciting, I'd pick somebody who doesn't just talk the talk but who's actually already walked the walk ... as in Governor Scott Walker.

(How'd you like that segue? pretty awesome, I'd say! ... Pats self on back. Takes imaginary bow ... etc.)

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