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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Liberal Authoritarianism AKA sanctimonious hypocrisy

You've often heard the question ... if he or she was the enemy a terrorist or a KGB plant ... what would he/she be doing differently? As in, if Obama was deliberately seeking to destroy from within the United States of America—bankruptcy, military defenselessness, gangs, racial violence, anarchy (AKA black-lives-matter)—instead of being its president, what would he doing differently? The answer is of course nothing. If the answer is nothing then it doesn't matter what his intentions are. He is the enemy.

Suppose your father goes berserk, loses his job, doesn't pay the bills, maxes every credit card, pawns the title to his car, goes on a payday loan spending spree. Now your family is bankrupt. The apartment manager evicts you. You're homeless and destitute. You could say ... "well, we had some bad luck." You could say ... "well, we're the victims of capitalism and greedy rich people." You could say, "well, the government should have protected us." You could say, "well, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids..." The truth is your father was the enemy. By action or inaction he caused the chain of events that destroyed your way of life. As you beg for spare change and wait in line for your bowl of free soup, never forget who's to blame. Intention or desire doesn't matter at this point. If your army buddy shoots you because he's got PTSD, it doesn't matter to you or those who love you that it was all just a tragic mistake. If someone harms you—even accidently—the injury hurts, and continues to hurt.

To most people, intentions matter. If you deliberately injure or kill a person, this is vastly different than if the whole thing was just a big mistake. "Oh was the gun loaded? ... My bad." "So if I press this button—like this—we launch five-hundred nuclear missiles? Wait...did I just..." I hope that by now you're beginning to understand that intentions—or as I like to say alleged intentions—are irrelevant. Intentions are irrelevant. If you are the enemy willing or not, then you are the enemy, and we should have no compunction whatsoever in putting you down ... forever.

Right now, at this moment, there's a movement to destroy all of us. They may not know they're attempting to destroy us from within, but regardless of their intentions, that is exactly what they're working towards. Are you going to let that happen? Of course not. You're going to fight back, right?

Liberals are taking your children away from you! They're taking your language away from you! They're dismantling our military. Teaching your children that homosexuality is wonderful ... and hey, why not have your penis and testicles chopped off?

Liberal authoritarians are the problem. Let's drive the coal industry into bankruptcy! Let's demand car manufacturers meet impossible MPG standards.

I'll bring up my own pet peeve. Authoritarian drivers. Did you ever get stuck behind some guy that thinks the speed-limit is too high? In his own petty way he's Obama junior. You'll conform to his own below the law speed limit because frankly he's in front and there's only the one lane. He could go faster. He could pull off and allow a mile of cars waiting behind him to go ahead, but that's not the kind of person were dealing with. We're not dealing with a reasonable person who just wants everyone to be happy. Frankly, we're dealing with an asshole who enjoys the misery and/or fury of others. What are their intentions? They would claim they're just looking out for everyone else. They would claim that they know best. They would claim that all of us are going too fast and even though it seems to be an inconvenience, in the end, all of us will be better off. Who cares what this guy says. We know by the grin on his face that's he's having a great time leading the slow highway parade. The slow driver is not an aberration. In fact his kind dominate the establishment of both parties, but especially the Democratic party. He is the quintessential epitome of the hypocritical sanctimony that these liberal assholes—who enjoy watching the world suffer under their own authoritarian domination—represent.

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