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Sunday, August 23, 2015

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto

The stock market has plunged more than 1000 points in the past week. They're still calling it a correction. You can come back to this post in a few more weeks and let me know if it's still a "correction." We're eighteen trillion in debt with 127 in unfunded liabilities. ISIS wants your head in a box. Putin wants Europe to start with. China or perhaps Japan probably already owns you.

Apparently—according to a majority of supreme court justices, if you want to marry the guy who used to share your locker room during your high-school Pys-ed period ... that's okay because ... identity or something. Imagine the wedding reception ... the cake cutting ... and finally the denouement as one guy carries his groom across the threshold. "Oh they're perfect for each other! What lovely children they'll adopt." says an enthusiastic celebrant. My advise is stay home. However if you're thinking about a suitable wedding gift, I recommend Febreze ... a whole case of it, in fact.

I know it seems bad. The whole world hates the USA. Our military hasn't been this weak and demoralized since before WWII. Racial violence committed by blacks against whites has exploded beyond anything you could possibly imagine. The Social Security you were counting on to help fund your retirement has not only already been spent, but we've been borrowing money to pay for yesterday's and today's retirees for several decades. How long do you think other countries will keep lending money to a world-class bum like us?

But look on the bright side ...

When everything has already gone wrong, there's nothing left to go wrong.

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