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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The casual use of language to bescumber the facts

bescumber: Verb (third-person singular simple present bescumbers, present participle bescumbering, simple past and past participle bescumbered
• (obsolete) To discharge ordure or dung upon.
Here's an unvarnished newly discovered incontrovertible fact: Planned Parenthood sells aborted baby organs for cash. How will the MSM spin this? Let's take a look:
So far, as my colleague Mike DeBonis notes, men have been the primary voice of incredulousness in Washington over Planned Parenthood ...
That's the first sentence in a Washington Post Article entitled: Meet the three GOP women leading the charge to defund Planned Parenthood. Well, the title says it all. Three women lead the charge. The first sentence spins it the way you're supposed to grok it. You see, this uniquely female topic i.e. abortion—about which men are never supposed to have an opinion—has three female leaders ... only three ... as in merely tokens, as in this tempest in a tea-pot, GOP led non-event has a trio of misled misogynistic self-hating chumps leading their callithumpian parade of total non-coolness. But lest you think I'm reading more into this than is actually there, let's continue!
Either way, there's a renewed push in Congress to take away some or all of the $500 million in federal funds that goes to Planned Parenthood -- none of which, we should note, is legally allowed to pay for abortions.

GOP leaders are smartly letting women in Congress lead the way. Male lawmakers dominate both the party's congressional contingent and the two bills introduced this week to defund the organizaton, but anti-abortion-rights advocates are hoping these three Republican women become the movement's faces.
Okay, here's some news ladies and gentlemen ... $500 million dollars ... That's half a billion ... "none of which" (he laughs to himself) "is legally" (giggle snort) "allowed to pay for abortions." Well, definitions of "is" aside, I'd like you the rational reader of this blog post to procure a ten-dollar bill from the government, purely as a thought experiment mind you. This ten dollars will be a grant so that you can better society through charitable works and the like. You have it? Perfect. Now, put that ten dollars in your right front pocket. Okay, now think of a person you want a really bad thing to happen to. Got one? Good. Hey if you send me ten dollars a name and an address I promise that something really bad will happen to that person. No, you're not legally allowed to use the ten dollars in your right pocket. Sorry, it will have to be a different ten dollars. Are we clear yet? If you don't understand at this point the fatuousness of the argument that half-a-billion dollars of federal funding paid to an abortion organization that harvests and sells baby organs is never used to pay for abortions, then ... you're lost. You were probably looking for Huff-po.

Amber Phillips, the author of the article in the Washington Post which I'm quoting, says: "Male lawmakers dominate both the party's ..." etc. So it's men butting into a topic of which they have no say again. Why can't they just not have an opinion!? These damned males in the GOP! Luckily if you're a Democrat it's much more fair and balanced. Why, I'm certain that if we were to see how many Democratic women were in Congress ... we'd see ... never mind. Moving on....
Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)

Who she is: If her name rings a bell, it's because Ernst was one of the star GOP recruits for the 2014 midterms. With her "let's make 'em squeal" ads talking about castrating hogs on her family's farm, Ernst beat Rep. Bruce Braley (D) to win the open seat in Iowa and help Republicans take control of the Senate for the first time in seven years.

Her anti-abortion creds: Enough to be on a receiving end of a $450,000 ad campaign against her from Planned Parenthood in 2014. As a state senator, she voted to defund the organization and cut off state funding for abortion as well as grant legal protections for a fertilized egg.
If you want to know what Amber Phillips, this Washington Post writer, means by "fertilized egg" she means an unborn baby. When she scoffingly refers to legal protections for a "fertilized egg," she's talking about a living thinking human-being with a heartbeat and blood flowing through its veins. Pass the cigar! My wife just gave birth to a "fertilized egg!"

Hey all you PETA folk: if you didn't already hate Joni Ernst simply because she's a Republican...apparently she enjoys talking about chopping off pig testicles...Now how much do you hate her?

Are you seriously telling me that of the half-a-billion dollars that Planned Parenthood gets from the Federal government, they spend half a million of it on defeating Joni Ernst? Wait ... I bet they're not legally allowed to use Federal funding on ad campaigns to defeat anti-abortion advocates...

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  1. Bescumber. A word I wish was not in my vocabulary...but now it is, thanks.