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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Setting fire to a masterpiece doesn't make one a master.

When a person is able to create law, change law, erase law, his power is great enough to become a king. We see this happening here in America. The complaint that I see more and more conservatives making, is that it doesn’t matter who wins. The ponderous parade towards the ultimate goal of a totalitarian police state inevitably marches onward. If—as in the case of the USA—there is a prewritten constitution where powers are strictly limited and power is separated in several branches, this concentration of power is delayed and fought and re-fought in chambers and courtrooms and board rooms. But the direction of power flows always towards the center. It is much like the gravity well of a black hole. Wherever ultimate decisions are made, in that place will ultimate power inevitably rest.

The problem isn’t the law or the constitution or the method of governance. The problem is—and for all of mankind’s history always has been—that mankind if fatally flawed. Mankind is too proud. In myth after myth the plot describes a good man who allows his overabundance of hubris to subvert and overcome whatever decency and kindness he naturally possessed.

Looking back through history we see the rise and fall of countless civilizations. Every method of government dreamed up by some group of fevered statesmen has been tried, and time after time every method has failed. The question—asked by a precariously positioned egg is—which is to be master? That’s all. In every case the end of every civilization came when the ones in power finally went too far, and the people finally rose up against them.

The great idea of democracy was that since the will of the people is exercised periodically in deciding who will rule, no person can become too powerful. The problem is that this protection will only hold for as long as it is the case that intelligent and productive citizens make the decision of who will rule. When idiots and takers make this decision the government is doomed. Unfortunately for America, the smart and the productive have been rendered into stupid and useless by cynical power-mongers who succeeded in subverting democracy by robbing Peter to pay Paul.

There is no way to stop prideful power-hungry men from promising everything to those who have nothing, achieving the throne, wearing the crown, and then burning down the world to achieve that ever elusive economic parity so desired by the laziest of men. In a nutshell: a self-proclaimed god—Obama—uses the envy of a multitude of small men to throw down the works of the industrious and the mighty. In this way perhaps he believes that he is greater than any of them? These founders of this the greatest nation in the history of the world were not as great as Obama, because wasn’t it he who ultimately destroyed their greatest work?

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