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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Voting ... what a joke!

I realized something this morning. Voting is such bullshit. It's a joke. Your vote counts about as much as the big foam hand counts in a football game. You don't like that. You disagree. You think I'm misinformed, ignorant, unenlightened. Okay. How many elections can you recall that were decided by just one vote? Go ahead I'm waiting ... How many? ... Did you say none?

If you want to know who runs this country, who's responsible for everything turning to complete and total shit ... well it's not the voters. It's the ones receiving their votes. It's the politicians who run this country. By the same token, it's not the fans cheering in the stands that decide whether the game is a win or a loss, it's the players.

I realize that there are plenty of sports fans out there who think they have some sort of ephemeral mystical power to influence the outcome of a game. They imagine to themselves that their own puny and insignificant nothing of a life is in some way the magical missing piece of a sorcerer's puzzle that when placed just so, and just when, will somehow change the world for the better. Maybe they don't wash their smelly team jersey for several months. Maybe they have some sort of Howard Hughes OCD method of leaving the house or turning on the television on game day. I've got some surprising news for these folks. Whether they exist or not has no bearing on the larger events that unfold in this universe. Does anybody really think their chop on a piece of paper or finger on a touchscreen made them the king of the world?

I know ... I know. You don't like this. I'm being a drag, a downer, a party pooper. You don't want to hear this, believe this, accept this. Your vote doesn't matter. Your cheers and face paint and even that giant foam hand don't really matter. Who matters? Well, there's a man on the field called a quarterback. There's a coach on the sidelines. There's less important people known as attackers and defenders. They're the ones playing the game. Not you. If you really wanted to have any say about how this country is run, you'd try to figure out how to get in the game.