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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sierra Mannie: Harriet Tubman on the 20 is condescension

An economic rule that is universal and unquestioned is that supplies are limited yet wants are unlimited. To see this in action merely question the parents watching their children sit on Santa's lap, then question the children. I mention this because people need to understand that [everything is never enough.] No matter what you give a person, he'll always want more. We know this instinctively but many of us—the left-wing unenlightened types—don't seem to be able to apply this understanding in all its various permutations.

You say: "OMG there's no black people on money." The solution seems obvious. Put a black person's face on some particular denomination. That plan is on the table and to my mind seems already a fait accompli. Yet, apparently, that plan is nothing more than a pat on the back—a condescending gesture it seems—to at least one proud black women who simply won't accept this well-meaning yet perhaps misguided gesture.
Black women have served and suffered in America for hundreds of years—putting one on a $20 feels like a weak pat on the back

It’s not that I don’t want to see her on my money, but there is a bitter irony to putting a black woman on a $20 bill when America makes it nearly impossible for black women to see Andrew Jackson’s face there in the first place.
That's the money quote from Sierra Mannie. "America makes it nearly impossible for a black woman to see Andrew Jackson's face."

At first I want to slap the shit out of this impossibly asinine sistah. STFU comes to mind. Sorry for the profanity and references to profanity. I try to keep this above the belt, but some people really bring out the worst in me. What a dunce! OMG according to Sierra Mannie, black women find it nearly impossible to hold a twenty dollar bill! Did you know? Oh the inhumanity! With hundreds of millions of twenty dollar bills floating around out there, it seems none of them float into the hands of black women. I for one am aghast, appalled, horrified, brought to tears, and any other sarcastic eruption of dismay that will convince you how sincerely I don't care what this braying jackass carrying a brokeback camel's worth of faux outrage thinks about a God Damned thing!

Sorry folks sometimes there are only a few choice words that will serve to express how I really feel about a certain kind of person. You want to know what I think? Who cares? Change the money, don't change the money. In a few more years a pound of that money won't be worth as much as one soft roll of toilet paper. Build a better money softening machine and the world will beat a path to your door, and I will know what to do with all those worthless twenties.

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