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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A letter to black people

Dear African-Americans,

We're sick and tired of your uselessness, your passive-aggressive attitude, your helplessness, your constant reliance on the same tired and shopworn excuse of raaacism. We're sick and tired of your violence, your dishonesty, your drugs, your whores, your petty gang rivalries, your monumental ignorance, and your disdain for any activity or behavior which might pull you finally out of the stinking mire of governmental dependence within which you seemingly revel, much like a bloated stinking barnyard hog loves wallowing in it's own pig-shit.

No! Don't open that obscenity of a foul mouth. The only thing that ever comes out of that open sewer is swamp-gas. Is that a chip I see there on your shoulder? Please, allow me ...walks over and flicks it ... There I knocked it off for you. If you look around you, you'll begin to notice that we're beginning to notice you. You're not seeing very many sympathetic faces anymore these days, are you? Perhaps you might even notice that screaming raaacism isn't the big stick that it used to be. It's more of a twig, or perhaps just a sad little fig-leaf not very successfully covering up just how pathetic you really are.

You'll notice in this screed, this rant, this denunciatory disquisition, that I'm not fawningly and obsequiously reminding the world that there are many successful black people. You don't get any credit for that. You'll also notice that I'm also not cringingly and abjectly apologizing for the crime of slavery, committed long before I was born. You don't get any credit for that either. Finally I don't care about Jim Crow laws or segregation. I was born after that also. I'll give a few of you older ones credit for that, but it's still not good enough. You fail. All of you fail. If this were a grade you'd repeat it. If this were a footrace everyone would have already gone home by the time you finally came arrogantly sauntering in.

Speaking of arrogantly sauntering, we're noticing that also. I've never seen so many people so proud and yet so worthy of mere disdain. The worm is finally turning. These looting sprees you've been orchestrating, the arson, the daily episodes across the country of vicious beatings—sometimes killing, often maiming—of innocent white bystanders, Whether you call that the knockout game, or wilding or whatever new stupid ghetto slang term you think up to describe the behavior we'd expect from a troop of baboons, you're on notice. More and more of us are seeing you for who you really are. We have a term for people like you, and you're going to be hearing it more and more often.

If you act like a scumbag,  apologize for scumbags, defend scumbags, vote for scumbags, guess what? You're a scumbag. You should probably go ahead and get the tee-shirt or a hoodie in your case.


The World

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