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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Hitler

Both Hitler and Hillary have advocated breathtakingly racist stances in public policy and law. Hitler kept Jews in concentration camps. Hillary wants to keep Blacks in their ghettos. Hitler committed genocide by exterminating Jews in gas chambers. Hillary would commit genocide by continuing the left-wing program of abortion, poverty, and separating the father from the black family. As president, Hillary would attempt to increase funding for these left-wing program of black genocide, namely, abortion, welfare, no-fault divorce, and child support.

But it doesn't stop there! Hillary also holds nothing but contempt for Hispanics. Don't believe me? Check out her own website: HillaryClinton.Com. Before they scrub the evidence, I took a few screen shots. Let's look at the first of them now. This one is in English.

Click on the picture to read the words. Notice at the bottom the word "Contact?" That means if you have questions or concerns, you click the link and it takes you to a page with a phone number and an email address. Well, obviously Hillary wants native English speakers to contact her campaign people. It just makes sense that if you speak English she wants your thoughts, your opinions, your financial support, in short, your help to be elected. But what if you don't speak English? If all you know about English is that it's spelled Inglés, then Hillary doesn't really care what you have to say. Oh you don't believe me? Well go back to and click the button that says: "En Español."

Click on the picture to read the words. Notice at the bottom the word "Contact?" What do you mean you don't see that word?! It's not there? Hillary doesn't care about non-English speaking "residents." If you can't help her get elected you are insignificant. Furthermore, why isn't the word "Jobs" translated? I guess if you don't know the English word for trabajo, you don't deserve a job? Okay maybe you're thinking it's the website developers fault. Maybe he did a really lousy job on the Spanish version? ... Denial ain't just a river in Egypt mi amigo, take it for what it says. The most egregious liars always tell you the truth if you really pay attention. It's because they have nothing but contempt for the people they lie to, and it gives them a secret thrill to flip you the bird every chance they get.

Finally for all you "Lean Forward" left-wingers waiting on hope, change, and cooler weather, what about Hillary's signature new logo? Are you not at all troubled by her right-pointing arrow?

You Democrats are living in a fool's paradise. Hillary is going to ride on your shoulders all the way to the Oval Office, trod on your nappy heads as though you people are nothing but a red carpet, and finally plump her fat ass down in the throne while underpaid servants wait on her hand and foot. She doesn't care about you! She's the lowest form of life on Earth. She's the most hypocritical lair and let's face it murderer! that ever had the phenomenal audacity to show her face in public, much less run for president. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Hitler. You want the truth? I could tell you, but then Hillary might have you an accident.

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