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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Savages commit savagery because it's fun

What causes mindless savagery? Is it simply low intelligence? Is there some lower boundary of cognitive ability wherein membership in a mob causes devolution of the members in the group? Even with the full weight of government suppressing the savagery, law enforcement officers eminently on the scene, still these savages steal, destroy, and burn. It's no use asking why they do what they do. You may as well ask a rabid dog why he bites. They commit thievery, vandalism, and arson because it's fun.

The Baltimore riots are several days old. I've been watching this, like I'm sure you also have been watching it. There's a pattern here for those who look for patterns. Check out some of these videos from Savages commit savagery because they think it's fun. There's excitement, there's suspense there's an element of danger—but only a tiny element because they are many and united while their victims are few and separate. People that these savages attack often cry, usually scream in pain, and they bleed...a lot. What's not to like?

I'm getting a little bit tired of being accused of racism because I'm white. When I was little and didn't know any better I repeated a word that some friends of mine at school had used. When my father heard me say it, he told me never to use that word ever again or suffer the beating of my life. I think you know what that word was. I wasn't a racist then, even though I used that word. I really didn't understand what it meant. According to a lot of people—many of them savages—I still don't know what it means. I know what causes black violence, and it's not genetics. It's not the color of skin, the curliness of hair, or the breadth of a nose. It's the virulence of a destructive culture that has been designed, inculcated, rewarded, and entrenched.

This self-destructive culture was created by incessantly repeating the lie that: "whitey hate black folk." On a daily basis this message is reiterated over and over. "Whitey rich and you poor, cuz he hate you. He think he better than you. He talk all that high-and-mighty whitey talk cuz you beneath him. When you talk like whitey that mean you his niggah. You come up out de field and serve him his tea and crumpet, and den he pat you on you wholly head."

I know, I know, my ebonics is rudimentary at best, and I probably misspelled a few words by including possessives and plurals. Mea culpa. Many of you reading this will be unable to resist the suspicion that because I mock the asinine and ignorant black dialect that I must be some kind of racist. This is natural I suppose, because the mainstream media has been at their diabolical brainwashing game for many decades now. The Democrat-Media complex has their own rules, and rule number one is: Thou shalt not mock the black folk for their own stupidity and ignorance.

Have you ever heard the jarring dissonance of a white person speaking in Ebonics? It's unnatural, like a sheep standing on its hind legs. However when blacks talk this way it seems perfectly natural. Black people also have their own cultural rules and rule number one is all black people, when they talk, must sound like they're both retarded and have a mouthful of rocks. For a black to talk normally and comprehensibly is acting white, and acting white is a cardinal sin for somebody with extra pigmentation. "You not keeping it real," and that's a good way to suffer a beat-down.

To hear the main stream media explain it, the fact of ever-reduced black achievement, ever decreased black standards of living, with the concomitant increase in black crime and black victimization is proof only of white racism, and nothing else. Everything is whitey's fault and nothing else. It's whites trying to put blacks back on the plantation.

If you're black and reading this, you're the 1%. I have some incontrovertible facts you need to understand. Slaves were used a couple of hundred years ago because white slave owners didn't have these contraptions called "tractors." Yes, yes, I know! It's true! You slaves have been replaced—and quite handily I might add—by a machine that can do more work in one day than a hundred slaves in a week. Sorry about that. I hope that you're not feeling too anxious about your own unsuitability for slave labor on a modern farm.

In a nutshell, whites are not planning on reinstating slave labor. Although it must be said, that today's prison system is the closest thing to the institution of slavery that exists in the USA. That said, isn't it funny that so many blacks try so hard to get to prison? Contrary to popular black belief all the black people in prison are in prison because they broke the law—with very few exceptions. That fact isn't up for debate. If you're black and in prison and you broke the law, it's not whiteys fault. That's your fault.

In conclusion, my disgust and offense at a race of people behaving like animals, like beasts, is not racism, anymore than my disgust and offense when I'm confronted by decaying maggot-crawling meat is foodism. Grow up savages. We're tired of your lies, your excuses, and your bullshit. Behave like adults or pay the consequences. Look around you. Your world is your own creation. If you don't like the look of it, do better.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Hitler

Both Hitler and Hillary have advocated breathtakingly racist stances in public policy and law. Hitler kept Jews in concentration camps. Hillary wants to keep Blacks in their ghettos. Hitler committed genocide by exterminating Jews in gas chambers. Hillary would commit genocide by continuing the left-wing program of abortion, poverty, and separating the father from the black family. As president, Hillary would attempt to increase funding for these left-wing program of black genocide, namely, abortion, welfare, no-fault divorce, and child support.

But it doesn't stop there! Hillary also holds nothing but contempt for Hispanics. Don't believe me? Check out her own website: HillaryClinton.Com. Before they scrub the evidence, I took a few screen shots. Let's look at the first of them now. This one is in English.

Click on the picture to read the words. Notice at the bottom the word "Contact?" That means if you have questions or concerns, you click the link and it takes you to a page with a phone number and an email address. Well, obviously Hillary wants native English speakers to contact her campaign people. It just makes sense that if you speak English she wants your thoughts, your opinions, your financial support, in short, your help to be elected. But what if you don't speak English? If all you know about English is that it's spelled Inglés, then Hillary doesn't really care what you have to say. Oh you don't believe me? Well go back to and click the button that says: "En Español."

Click on the picture to read the words. Notice at the bottom the word "Contact?" What do you mean you don't see that word?! It's not there? Hillary doesn't care about non-English speaking "residents." If you can't help her get elected you are insignificant. Furthermore, why isn't the word "Jobs" translated? I guess if you don't know the English word for trabajo, you don't deserve a job? Okay maybe you're thinking it's the website developers fault. Maybe he did a really lousy job on the Spanish version? ... Denial ain't just a river in Egypt mi amigo, take it for what it says. The most egregious liars always tell you the truth if you really pay attention. It's because they have nothing but contempt for the people they lie to, and it gives them a secret thrill to flip you the bird every chance they get.

Finally for all you "Lean Forward" left-wingers waiting on hope, change, and cooler weather, what about Hillary's signature new logo? Are you not at all troubled by her right-pointing arrow?

You Democrats are living in a fool's paradise. Hillary is going to ride on your shoulders all the way to the Oval Office, trod on your nappy heads as though you people are nothing but a red carpet, and finally plump her fat ass down in the throne while underpaid servants wait on her hand and foot. She doesn't care about you! She's the lowest form of life on Earth. She's the most hypocritical lair and let's face it murderer! that ever had the phenomenal audacity to show her face in public, much less run for president. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Hitler. You want the truth? I could tell you, but then Hillary might have you an accident.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sports, philately, and something important

hat tip Patterico. Read the comments to see where I got my topic.

I don't follow sports. For instance, while I'm aware that there's a basketball tournament going on right now, I couldn't tell you much about what's already happened, who's won, who's lost, who's favored, and who's f**ked. I'm aware—because I follow political news—that the "Final Four" is happening in Indiana [RFRA]. I don't know who's playing in the Final Four except that Kentucky is probably going to win the whole tournament. I can't defend that prediction with any facts, stats, anecdotes, etc. And shockingly to some of you, I don't care who wins. American men are expected to watch sports. They talk about games, coaches, players, strategies, odds, and "The Spread." Sports heh! You guys should talk about the weather. It's about as interesting and a whole lot more important to the lives of everyone concerned.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind anybody having a hobby. You like collecting stamps? Awesome. I'm really glad you got the one with the flaw in the thingamabob doohickey in the corner. No. I don't collect stamps. I'm sure it's really interesting. I hope one day that you succeed in collecting an example of every postage stamp ever created. I hope philatelists—[I am sadly unable to escape the knowledge that this word sounds strikingly similar to another word which means something completely different]—the world around beat a path to your door to gaze in wide eyed envy at your perfectly complete collection. Kudos on your acquisitional skills! Now what? I hope you're not going to be too dismayed if you have to sell some of them off to pay for your kids' college, retirement, etc.

Hobbies are important. They give average Joe an outlet to express him/herself, belong to a group of similarly interested individuals and provide hours of no doubt scintillating conversation. [That part in italics was sarcasm by the way.] You have a hobby. I have a hobby. If we share an interest then that means we have a connection. We can impress each other about our deep knowledge of X. We can drink beers and reminisce about when X really meant something, or when subset [a] of X had real potential to change the whole X paradigm.

Tomorrow is Easter. They'll be watching basketball in the den. They'll talk about basketball. They'll talk about coaches. They'll talk about players, strategies, tactics, and odds. They'll discuss spreads and stats and scream in both excitement and dismay as one-foot high glowing figures manipulating an orange circle gyrate madly inside a big rectangle. They're my family but I won't fit in because basketball is a course of study I never worked to learn. In fact I never studied any of the popular sports nor as it turns out the unusual ones. There's a basketball tournament but no matter who wins or loses, only the players on the teams and their ancillary staff—and perhaps I suppose the universities hoping to attract donors—will be affected in any way by the outcome of this tournament.

So why all the discussion about sports? What's more important, that [a] was victorious over [b] in a contest of ball-handling legerdemain, or that a successful baker's livelihood is in jeopardy because he refuses to create a homosexual themed wedding cake? If you want to discuss your shared hobby you should certainly do so, but what gets me is this nationwide assumption that if you're a real man your hobby should be that of sports fan.

I'm angry! I'm really pissed. The world is coming unraveled and nobody is paying any attention. They've got their beer and circuses and you can't tell them shit. Average Joe has been hypnotized by the knowledge that if he excels in the study of X he'll be the envy of all his beer drinking buds. They'll come to him for insight and information. He'll be the big man on campus—well big man on the block anyway. Who needs to know about politics or weather, when you know that subset [a] of X will defeat subset [b] of X. If average Joe put that kind of study, organization, and calculation into picking a President, who knows, America might not be on her deathbed today.

Joe has every stamp that ever was and your team won. Kudos! Now what?