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Monday, March 9, 2015

America is just "Fraught" with Racism!

Are you as sick of Racism as I am? All this Racism really gets on my nerves. You just can't get away from it. You turn on the news and it's Racism. You open the paper and it's more Racism. Selma is in the news. There was a march or something. Yep, Racism. In Oklahoma at some university they've closed down a fraternity for... you guessed it ... Racism.
(CNN)—A fraternity fraught with scandal quickly shut down a chapter in Oklahoma when a video surfaced that showed members singing a racist chant that used the n-word.

The video shows a group of young white students chanting the n-word loudly and boisterously while riding on a bus.
White people singing a word that black people shout one thousand times a day is Racism. Imagine for a moment a world where everyone was treated equally. Can you imagine a world where black people on a bus chanting "Honkey" or "Cracker" would be national headline news? Can you also imagine that the national black fraternity chapter would break their backs disavowing the evil chanters and promising that disgustingly evil Racism like this is not and would never be tolerated? Would there be investigations? Would there be angry embittered white people with spray cans busily decorating the black fraternity house? Are you sick of it yet? If your answer is yes, I'm betting you're a ... I don't want to use the word Republican. Conservative? No that's not it either. Tea Partier? I've always hated that one. Is there a word for a pissed off American who's sick and tired of double standards and the ever-steeper grade of that slippery slope towards oblivion that our nation has veered off towards?

This term might never take off, but the best word I can some of with is "Awakener." As in WAKE UP YOU DUMBASS! THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE! GRAB YOUR PANTS AND LET'S GO!

I'm an awakener, kind of like an alarm clock but without the snooze bar, plus a whole lot louder.

There is a segment—not a demographic—of our country that hates America. They hate our history. They hate our freedom. They hate our free-enterprise economic system. They hate the rich and they hate the poor. They hate whites Hispanics and blacks. They hate everything equally, and all they want is the end of everything. Whatever you want to call it: Armageddon, W.W.III, Apocalypse, or as Mad Max might say: Pox-Eclipse!

Our world is on fire. Pyromaniacs with a death wish set it on fire and now the rest of us are wondering where safety lies. The answer at this point is uncertain. Most people in this country don't even know or refuse to admit that the end is upon us. The first step of the grieving process is denial. That's where America is right now. The America that we knew, the America that we loved is dead. She was slowly poisoned by the haters that long for Pox-Eclipse.

Who are these haters of which I speak? They're northeast coast billionaires and southwest coast millionaires. They're Hollywood celebrities and professors. They're black people, Hispanic people and white trash. They're the scum of the earth and the spawn of Satan. They're evil hating bigots who wake up every morning wondering what wickedness they can work this day. They don't want freedom. They don't want prosperity. They don't want success or happiness or peace. They want death, misery, starvation, desolation, and heartbreak. And they're now in the majority. You might know them as Democrats.

Racism is the bludgeon they're using to beat us to death with. Didn't you notice that every stupid decision, every wasteful government program, every misguided law that gets passed has as part and parcel to it a racial component? The war on poverty that has now bankrupted our country quickly became racialized. It's very likely that LBJ intended exactly what has transpired. Hey, but don't take my word for it. Let's get the transcript right from the Donkey's mouth:
I'll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years.
And today here we are. Our nation is bankrupt. Our freedom has been stolen by stealth and by court decision and by the Press. The blood of our nation is pumped by capitalism and it's color is green, and any paramedic Awakener who attempts to tourniquet our slashed femoral artery that daily gushes a fountain of green dollars is immediately tarred with the term "Racist?" and then destroyed.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!

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