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Friday, November 28, 2014

Fisking Darlena Cunha's - In Defense of Rioting

H/T Moonbattery (I'm trying to be nice, well not really, but I'm trying to be non-profane, so even though it would have been fun to intentionally misspell Cunha, I didn't ... Okay, but I did have to mention the possibility.)
Because when you have succeeded, it ceases to be a possibility, in our capitalist society, that anyone else helped you.[1] And if no one helped you succeed, then no one is holding anyone else back from succeeding.[2] Except they did help you, and they are holding people back.[3] So that blaming someone else for your failures in the United States may very well be an astute observation of reality, particularly as it comes to white privilege versus black privilege. And, yes, they are different, and they are tied to race, and that doesn’t make me a racist, it makes me a realist. If anything, I am racist because I am white. Until I have had to walk in a person of color’s skin, I will never understand, I will always take things for granted, and I will be inherently privileged.[4] But by ignoring the very real issues this country still faces in terms of race to promote an as-of-yet imaginary colorblind society, we contribute to the problem at hand, which is centuries of abuses lobbied against other humans on no basis but that of their skin color.[5]
There's more than this paragraph at the link, but I wanted to focus on this because in less than 200 words, it contains the essence of her liberal ideology.

[1] Let's start with the asinine strawman that "when you have succeeded ... [it's not possible] that anyone helped you." She is of course referencing one of the most widely ridiculed and risible of Obama arguments ... ever, aka: "You didn't build that."

We're born as helpless infants. If NOBODY helped us when we were helpless infants we would all have quickly dehydrated and died. Everybody understands that without civilization itself, entrepreneurs could not build successful businesses. Nobody is disputing that. Not even the most hard-core, dyed in the wool, pulled himself up by his bootstraps, came out of a trailer park and became a millionaire, conservative would EVER claim that he'd NEVER been helped! This "You didn't build that" argument dishonestly reworded to [nobody helped you] is the most fatuous flatulent asinine disgusting insulting absurd base moronic buffoonish amateurish cheesy imbecility that ever disgraced a once respected media publication. SHAME ON YOU TIME MAGAZINE!

[2] A two-parter for stupidity. Logically the starting assertion that nobody helped you is false, but even if that were impossibly somehow true, it wouldn't logically follow that [therefore] no one hindered you. This is yet more fatuous strawman posturing by a run-of-the-mill liberal hack rewording tattered and worn liberal talking points and spit-balling [teh stoopid] to see who'll be suckered.

[3] Finally we get to the very gestalt, the crux of Darlena Cunha's insane paranoid moonbat philosophical framework. Her understanding that some evil collective [the 1% perhaps?] herein referenced conspiratorially as "THEY" conspired in some diabolical way to hold people [the 99% perhaps?] back. The apparent basis for her illogical assumption is that "you didn't build that" because you were helped, therefore if you built nothing at all, logically [it is to laugh] it must mean that you were prevented from building that because "THEY" conspired to stop you. You failed geometry because they [Koch brothers perhaps?] rewrote the world's geometry books in Greek? I.E. Graecum est; non legitur. Sure ma! That's the ticket; see, I failed Geometry because it's a bunch of Greek gobbledygook. Hey, Darlena, thanks for the non sequitur!

[4] Paraphrased, Darlena argues that: [In America if you fail it's someone else's fault. This is especially true if you're black because all white people are racist and even when we don't mean to be, we unconsciously conspire to hinder black people and hold them back from success. Even those racist white people who are so racist they actually think they aren't racist, are incapable of disputing this indisputable fact because: being white we have no standing to even argue the point.] So Darlena at last the truth comes out. You admit you're a racist. I would mention that you should be ashamed of yourself, but obviously you already got the memo. Even though you're a racist, I disagree vehemently with the conclusion that all white people are therefore racist. You can feel all guilty and evil if that's what makes you feel ooey-gooey inside, but your guilt stops where your own skin ends, and Earth's atmosphere begins.

[5] Perhaps of the entire self-effacing pathetic screed, this is the most vile and yes, racist. You really are a racist Darlena Cunha. Paraphrased as: [By officially ignoring what race people are, society actually exacerbates racial injustice.] This is straight out of 1984.
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.
― George Orwell, 1984
This is what I call the BIG LIE. It's the race card writ large. [Only injustice can correct injustice. Only another equally despicable wrong can right a historical wrong.] What we do, we do, because the ends justify the means. We can't understand the wisdom of this folly because we're standing in the middle of it and therefore can't see the big picture. We're blinded to the forest by all these trees. Hey sure Darlena! I'll just turn off my critical rational judgement and leave everything up to those wiser few in their ivory towers—such as yourself—who actually can see the bigger picture.

On second thought, why don't you climb down off your high horse, Darlena, and open your eyes. I understand that you've spent your entire life absorbing the Big Lie. I understand that you've spent it with your eyes closed and your nose in the air, an insufferable smug supercilious jackass. I understand that your despicably vile and odious systemic racism was fostered and inculcated by parents, teachers, friends, and elders. I understand that you can't help being a deluded and self-defeating racist imbecile, blown helplessly by the winds of fate and helpless in the face of your incalculable white guilt. You poor suffering benighted simpleton. I feel bad for you. Really! What I think you need is a good hard slap right in the face by cold hard reality. Perhaps reality will oblige. God knows you deserve it.

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