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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Herded between the rails at the slaughterhouse

and unexpected consequences

When I was ten years old I knew everything there was to know. My parents were complete blithering idiots and I had all the answers. I knew what was harmful to others and myself, and what wasn't. I knew all the consequences of any act I might take, both foreseen and unforeseen. I was a boy genius, a veritable Einstein of cause and effect. It took more than a few disastrous outcomes to convince me of my own fallibility. The left-wing of this country, the progressives, the boy geniuses, the smug supercilious liberals so certain of their own infallibility are exactly like I was at the age of ten. Unfortunately we've run out of time waiting for them to grow up. There's a ten-year old sitting in the captain's seat, and God help us all.

On Patterico's Pontifications, you'll find an article that describes yet another state supreme court striking down yet another law banning gay marriage. Patterico observes:
Before you have a chance to blink, this will be the whole country. We’ll have none of this acceptance by society nonsense. Just cram it down the people’s throats through phony trumped-up legal doctrine. That’s the ticket.
In the comments section of that article, I ran across this:
For some time now it has been obvious it was a fait accompli that the federal judicial system would do this, for anyone who was paying attention. The method is wrong and using the legal process to overturn the states is wrong but it’s a done deal. It’s over. Taking it to the Supreme Court won’t help. Despite the “secession” stuff (which is not going to happen) and the “tree of liberty needing to be refreshed with the blood of patriots” second revolution folks (which is not going to happen), it’s over. Does anyone here disagree that it’s over? Comment by elissa (e67fb7) — 5/20/2014 @ 3:09 pm
As Elissa says, regarding the judicial activism method of redefining marriage, it's a fait accompli, a done deal. She's right. I'm not certain how this was accomplished. I don't know why it was necessary. Ostensibly, it was done in the name of fairness.

On the Daily Beast the question asked is the same: Is gay marriage unstoppable?
The cascade of same-sex marriage rulings is now a torrent, each more quotable and image-ready than the last. “Let us look less to the sky to see what might fall; rather, let us look to each other…and rise,” District Judge Michael McShane wrote Monday in Oregon. Not to be outdone, District Judge John E. Jones III—a George W. Bush appointee, personally recommended by Rick Santorum—wrote Tuesday in Pennsylvania: “We are a better people than what these [marriage] laws represent, and it is time to discard them into the ash heap of history.”
Two facts are in evidence. The laws against gay marriage in the various states are falling like dominoes, and the mainstream media is in full celebratory mode about it. Two questions remain unanswered. How did four percent of the population manage to accomplish such a sweeping transformation of the morality of a nation, and what is the true purpose of this moral transformation/deformation/abomination?

If I were a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, then item number 26 of Communist Goals Congressional Record--Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963, would seem to provide a succinct and compelling answer: Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy." But why would communists want to present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as normal natural and healthy? Oh yes, that's right! It was a war. A cold war, and an undeclared war, but a very real war nonetheless. The USSR wanted to destroy us. So why is this happening now, long after the miserable and complete failure of the USSR's socialist economic system? Was this a doomsday bomb patiently waiting somewhere deep underground, set to go off in twenty years if not regularly reset?

Oh well, that's just crazy stuff some people think. But don't worry, I don't think Soviet spies are still quietly undermining our entire social and economic system in the loyal service of Mother Russia, as though they might be a colony of termites carefully placed beneath the home of Russia's mortal enemy, America. If it wasn't an act of deliberate sabotage, then how do you suppose such a small percentage of the population could overrule the overwhelming majority who are against gay marriage? All you'd need is control of the mainstream media, and you could tell the people whatever you wanted them to believe, and people being herd animals like sheep and cows—ignorant placid unquestioning—for the most part would follow the mainstream media shepherd straight to whatever nefarious purpose the shepherd desired.

Would a sweeping transformation of marriage, moral degeneracy, and promiscuity harm the USA? What holds a nation together? What is the glue that binds the various states and local governments together? What internal and external forces put pressure on citizens to obey laws, serve their country, remain loyal, be productive, bear children, and raise their children to obey laws, serve their country, remain loyal, be productive, bear children ... and so on. Obviously parents are the primary sources of external pressure. Our parents teach us during our first years how to walk, talk, and to obey simple rules and instructions. They teach us through active instruction, and also by example. If my parents were gay, wouldn't I want to be gay also? Wouldn't I think that was the natural way? If I was bent on presenting homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as normal natural and healthy, wouldn't the smartest way to accomplish this be to give these abnormal lifestyles the appearance of normalcy by state sanctioned marriage?

We naturally desire to be like our parents, our primary role models. We desire their praise, their admiration, their affirmation that we are worthy. If you can imagine a child that has never said look mama, look dad, look what I can do, then you can imagine a child who has started off in life with a terrible and heart-breaking disadvantage.

The people of America are endlessly brainwashed by an unceasing media propaganda war. The lesson they would teach us is that sex is the end all, be all, primary goal of human existence, and that by extension, the more sex you have with the more partners you can seduce the more successful you become. Not only that, but they also throw in the possibility of endless permutations of the various sexual acts between the endless permutations of different combinations of sexual genders as well as mixed-up sexual cross-genders, surgical experimental genders and the odd assortments of battery-operated strap-on machinery, latex, rope, rubber garments, and God knows what else.

The mainstream media has for the past three decades been engaging in an increasingly blatant 24/7 non-stop parade of mindless sexual gratification. In popular entertainment, if the performers are not actually having sex at the moment, they're talking about it, talking about who else is doing it—and with whom—or it's another shoot-em up car chase scene with some bank-robbing, casino robbing, drug-dealing, money laundering, fighting...and all this insane risk-taking and violence for the express purpose...of financing a life of further gratuitous and pointless sexual intercourse, in all it's multifarious rainbow hued majesty.

What is it all for? What is all this screwing supposed to accomplish? Well it's not for children, that much is certain. It's obvious beyond doubt that the reverse is the case. The left's [gay-marriage/abortion] tag-team combo is manifestly designed to guarantee a decline in the population. Fewer babies growing up means fewer students in school. Fewer graduates from school means fewer workers paying less taxes. Less taxes means less money for supporting the ever-increasing population of the elderly that both outnumber and outvote the young. When the elderly find themselves in financial hardship, they'll be able to vote themselves a greater proportion of the government's money. This means less money available for everything else the government is responsible for accomplishing. It means heavy borrowing. It means less funding for the military. It means higher taxes for young workers. At some point in the near future as prohibitive taxation finally discourages the last American Dreamers enough so that they quit and join the ever-growing welfare roles, it means bankruptcy for the nation.

When real GDP declines by 10% or more they call that a depression, and we consider depressions a very, very, bad thing. What do you suppose they'll call it when real population—of the young, not the old—declines by 10% or more? Only two words come to mind:

The End.

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