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Monday, May 19, 2014

A timecapsule circa early 90s - A breath of fresh air from an old football

Once upon a time, before Al Gore, before global warming, before the reign of the LBGTQ gas-lighting masters in the mainstream media...back when girls were girls and men were men, back before you could be summarily fired from your job for donating money to a religious organization, back when the environmentalists were a subject of scorn and ridicule ... there was something they'd show on television they called comedy. Today we know it as hate-speech, denialism, Koch Brothers, intolerance, etc. What if you could pull aside the cobwebs in that dusty attic of your mind and remember a better time? Remember Once Upon a Time when you knew it was they were were the wackos and it was you who were normal?

As we know this had all changed by the turn of the century and the meek freaks had officially inherited the Earth. Once in a while we stumble upon an overlooked scrap of evidence about the way reality is supposed to work. Allow me to take you back...back...back...

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