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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What do you say when their argument boils down to "duh!"

There are none so blind as those who will not see. How is it that there are so many people living on this Earth who have already decided that they are so certain of the truth that they will never need to open their eyes again? Others possessing ornately lettered documents called degrees have taught young minds to listen to them—and only them. These professors said: "I have this degree, this pedigree, this laurel, this honor, and therefore I possess the entire truth of life and the existence of the universe. It's all so see it's just a magically fantastically stupendously impossible coincidence. Here is how it happened: See there was this big explosion. HUGE! It was the biggest explosion in the history of everything. And when the smoke had cleared, here we were. Any questions?"

Why no professor; I guess that covers everything ... well except ... what caused the explosion? Also, what was "it" before it exploded? Finally, how exactly is this a "scientific theory?" The Big Bang "theory" doesn't even attempt to explain what was there "before" the "Big Bang," and as far as I can tell completely ignores the scientific method in that no experiments have been performed to either confirm or deny the theory, and, even more alarmingly its proponents have assembled an entire arm of government to defend it and force its very debatable precepts to be absorbed without question by impressionable young minds and without even the merest possibility of logical or scientific debate. It's ... beginning to look a lot like ... an Inquisition! While there is plenty of evidence to confirm that matter in the universe does seem to have started from a unique point of origin, this one small fact—all by itself—does not explain anything! You can't take one isolated brick all by itself—with a daub of paint on it—and from that brick postulate the creation of the Sistine Chapel!

While scientists believe the universe began with a Big Bang, most Americans put a big question mark on the concept, an Associated Press-GfK poll found.

Yet when it comes to smoking causing cancer or that a genetic code determines who we are, the doubts disappear.

When considering concepts scientists consider truths, Americans have more skepticism than confidence in those that are farther away from our bodies in scope and time: global warming, the age of the Earth and evolution and especially the Big Bang from 13.8 billion years ago.

Rather than quizzing scientific knowledge, the survey asked people to rate their confidence in several statements about science and medicine.

On some, there's broad acceptance. Just 4 percent doubt that smoking causes cancer, 6 percent question whether mental illness is a medical condition that affects the brain and 8 percent are skeptical there's a genetic code inside our cells. More -- 15 percent -- have doubts about the safety and efficacy of childhood vaccines.

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Most of the more than three-hundred comments on this article were—as of the time of this writing—condescending, smug, judgmental, and most tellingly of all, devoid of non-fallacious content which could in any way shape or form, logically uphold their belief in the Big Bang theory or evolutionary theory. More than three-hundred comments from people around the world who read the article and had to put in their two-cents. And every single argument in favor of the commonly accepted scientific theory believed today, boils down to: Everybody—except idiots of course—knows it's the truth.

Q: So you believe in the Big Bang and Evolution because everybody else believes it?

A: Yes.

Q: Why does everybody believe it?

A: Because that's what they teach in science class!

Q: Why do they teach it in science class?

A: Because everybody believes it...duh!

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