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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The "N" word: a double standard definition

How do you talk about the "N" word when you're white? If I was black I could say it a million times a day and people would just think I was stupid or insane, but since I'm white I'm not allowed to say a word that millions of black people say everyday with absolutely no negative consequences. Obviously this is a double standard, but black people excuse that double standard by claiming that they earned it. They earned it because...? Because some people they never met who shared skin color and physical characteristics were called that name a long time ago.


Can you hear it? Can you hear the hammers hammering and the shovels digging as a legion of strawmen are erected by outraged apologists of the double standard status quo. In better days the question might be: "How dare you!?" Today that question would be asked in a ghetto patois of English laced with profanity and something else, something that used to be called jive, but is now unnamable in the same way that the "N" word is unspeakable. The race card is so over-played that liberals have built a monstrous ivory tower out of them. The shadow of that tower of race cards covers the entirety of America and in the darkness of that shadow the people suffer. They suffer and suffer, but the proud elites in their ivory tower built of jealousy and hatred and bigotry are happy with the status quo.

What is the status quo? Since the days of Jim Crow and segregation, since the days of Martin Luther King, Jr., since the days of Rosa Parks and garbage strikes in my home town of Memphis Tennessee, are things better for blacks? On a side note, I consider the term: African American to be the most asinine liberal construction since "sanitation engineer." "African American" has seven syllables! By the time you get to the end of it you're likely to have forgotten what you were talking about in the first place. Where was I? ... Right, the "N" word.

So, all sorts of double standards have been proposed by—we assume well meaning but misguided—liberals to improve the lot of the descendants of those who were terribly mistreated during slavery. Affirmative action programs were instituted. LBJ began his Sisyphean "war on poverty." These "programs" which began in mostly urban areas and which continue today in mostly urban areas have concentrated the poor—primarily black poor—into concrete jungles called ghettos. The people who live there were probably born there, they live there and have babies there, and they will probably die there.

Generation after generation, the numbers increase as more and more babies are born, live there, die there, and very few ever escape. There are all sorts of handicaps, mental ones and physical ones, but the ones hardest to see and perhaps also hardest to overcome are the emotional handicaps. Not having a father in your life is statistically proven to greatly decrease the likelihood of a positive outcome. A mother and a father are much more likely to raise a well-adjusted civilized productive citizen, while a single-parent household is much more likely to experience the opposite. The numbers vary from study to study but overall the black single-parent family rate is above 70%.

The data for Minnesota, Virginia, and Louisiana indicate that 67% of the firearm homicides (a rate of more than 14 per 100,000 people) occurred in neighborhoods with a racial composition of more than 30% African American, a per capita income of less than $25,000, and a population density greater than 640 people per square mile. The firearm homicide rate in the remaining 99% of the land area was 1.3 per 100,000 people. Predominantly African American communities that are not [low-income/high-density] and predominantly white communities that are [low-income/high-density] do not exhibit the Third World levels of firearm violence seen in predominantly African American [low-income/high-density] communities. Thus, the United States may have a culture of violence, but one that is isolated in easily identifiable communities.
Why is the "N" word so offensive when white people say it, but completely acceptable when black people say it? Yes I know racism, Jim Crow, lynchings, Ku Klux Klan, and a thousand other anecdotes. Fine...missionaries in stew-pots, plagues of frogs and seas of blood. If you go far enough back in time looking for a chip to put on your shoulder, there's always something. On The View recently, a liberal gaggle of "ladies" discussed the use of the "N" word. Skip to 2:22 for the big double-standard money shot.

Obviously there is a double standard. I think that this is true because the definition is also a double-standard. After watching the antics and the contortions of a society composed of the aggrieved, the guilt-ridden, and the rest of us who're starting to get seriously pissed-off about the whole thing, I wish to put forward both sides of this double standard definition.

Don't read any further if you're a member of either of the former groups, i.e. aggrieved or guilt-ridden. I'm about to spell out the "N" word in all it's nefarious arcane and sanctimonious scariness. If you don't want to be shocked by my arrogant flaunting of a double-standard that's been in effect since before I was born. Click the back button now.


To me—an average white person—there are black people, and then there are niggers. Black people are your colleagues. They hold the door for you when your arms are full of packages. They wait calmly in line without drawing attention to themselves. They don't have baggy jeans sagging down so you know what their underpants look like. When they speak to you, you don't have to ask them over and over to repeat themselves. Niggers grow up in the projects with mama cashing welfare checks and paying for food with an EBT card. Now I'm not against helping the needy, and lord knows there's plenty of white people getting welfare and EBT cards. The difference to me is that when I see white people paying for their food with that red-white-and-blue card, they look uneasy. They look ashamed. I think you should be ashamed to live on welfare and food-stamps. I also think that niggers aren't ashamed. Also, oddly enough, there are quite a few white-skinned niggers out there. White people despise these "wiggers" more than you can imagine.

I believe that when black people say "nigger" they are claiming or affirming racial identity. By saying nigger—or niggah—they are saying in effect: you are people of my tribe and I am one of you. We are a team and ... whitey...he ain't! "Keeping it Real." means abstaining from any acceptance of the trappings of white civilization. Studying difficult subjects in school is not keeping it real, it's acting white, or being an uncle tom. Niggahs don't have to know that shit! Niggahs don't have to know all the complicated conjugations of the verb "to be". Just skip that shit niggah! Niggahs don't use possessives. That shit mine or it ain't mine. What you goan do about it?

So, two definitions. A white's definition of "nigger" is an indictment. It means a black person who refuses to be civilized, refuses to work for a living, has a basketball team of children with no husband by her side, and speaks in a way that makes it seem as though they are retarded. A black person's definition is that of membership within a group. A member of the tribe. White people are obviously not members of the tribe, and furthermore, the disdain conveyed by the term when used by a white person—even if they don't mean it and it's not pronounced audibly—is nevertheless virtually shouted when a black person or a niggah hears—or reads—whitey using that most controversial/sacred of words.

UPDATE 4/12/2014 1:32PM

In re-reading the above I realize I left out a critical premise. This is the very epitome of cognitive dissonance in action. Black people—in their deepest heart of hearts at least—must surely realize that a massive segment of their own population are absolute failures in every sense of the word. At the same time from the moment they're born they're taught how noble and proud is their culture, and their race. All through formal schooling this myth is fostered and embedded in their psyche. They're literally brainwashed from kindergarten on into believing that their ancestors in Africa invented civilization, and culture. If math and English is hard, it's because it's white math and white English. The reason they don't perform well—you see—is because it's somebody else's fault. No matter how they fail it's always somebody else's fault. It's whitey's fault. When a white person uses the term "nigger" it literally shatters their fragile misconception of their own place in society. Blacks on welfare and food stamps each believe that this is perfectly acceptable because they've been taught that whitey owes them something, and this use of the "N" word by whitey is a renunciation of that debt. It's a throwing down of the gauntlet and so represents a verbal slap in the face. You owe me they think and when whitey says I don't owe you a thing, they're set adrift as everything they've been taught is refuted and proven a deception by this one six-letter word.

The cognitive dissonance comes into play because realistically at some level, black people understand the way that the world is supposed to work. They understand that people are supposed to work for a living. They understand that other people look down on them because of their helplessness, because of their ignorance, because of their squalor, and because they refuse...refuse! to rise up out of it. The ghetto-blacks who've lived there for generations all tell each other what they want to hear. It's not their fault they reassure each other. It's whitey's fault. Excuses are passed back and forth, recycled, reused, and replayed with race card after race card excuse. However, when a white person dares to utter the forbidden racial epithet, all of a sudden like a gust of wind topping their tower of race cards, the cognitive dissonance is unable to be maintained and comes apart, often with furious consequences.

In that moment they know they are failures or at the very least they know that more than half their population living by their millions in third world-like ghettos are complete and utter failures. Forced to look in the mirror, they don't like what they see, and so lash out violently.


  1. Undressing the N-word: Revealing the Naked Truth about Lies, Deceit and Mind Games

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your recommendation— Undressing the N-word: Revealing the Naked Truth about Lies, Deceit and Mind Games on Amazon, and I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this book. Right at the very beginning, I realized that the author and I have some insurmountable philosophical differences.
      The n-word, its origins and the connection the past that it represents, has had tremendous lasting effects on the Black African American. In fact, when Blacks were enslaved, they were forced to hate themselves and as a continual reminder of the disgust they were to have for themselves, they were referred to as a separate sub-human class: a n**ger; and simultaneously forced to self-ingest the term.
      To this very day, many Blacks suffer from this broken state of being and are convinced that their past is empty, backward, shameful or totally negative. Anyone with this type of perspective on life will surely resist any attempt to revisit or connect with that past in apparent fear of what they may or may not find. As a result, such a person will have no true identity or real awareness of his/her culture or heritage, and subsequently, will likely, whether they realize it or not at the time, despise, loathe, self of feel disjointed from the collective society to some degree.
      Here's a hypothetical thought experiment for you: Imagine a white woman from the 1800s. One day a man kidnaps her. I don't know what race; let's say he's from Mexico. He puts her in a house and rapes her and rapes her and rapes her. Let's just say that he adds to his collection and soon several white women are kidnapped and raped. He calls them all his whores. They are nothing. They are whores. They were put on earth for his enjoyment and nothing else. One day some guy—let's say his names is Charles, and maybe his last name is Ramsey or something—anyway he rescues these poor women. Generations pass and now with all these women long dead, and in fact their children long dead, we are expected to believe that this word "whore" carries so much weight, that Mexicans are no longer allowed to even say the word?