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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sonic Fast Food Combo Scam 2.0

This is my second Sonic Combo analysis. The first was done about sixteen months ago. The prices haven't changed very much, and neither has the menu. They've got a few new things, but overall the combo prices are just as wacky as they were a year and a half ago. Look at the menu/price comparison below. (Click the picture to see a larger version.)

Please notice the drink & fries column. The posted menu prices shown in the spreadsheet are the prices charged for combos with the medium drink and medium fries. The price for the same drink and fries ranges from a high of $3.00 down to a low of only $1.20 when you choose the Breakfast Toaster. Notice also, that all of the hot-dog combos have the highest drink & fries price. Notice also the oddity of a higher drink & fries price for the large Jumbo Popcorn Chicken than for the regular Jumbo Popcorn Chicken—yes both combos come with medium drink and fries. Below is an interesting graph using the above data and assuming a family of five will all order identical meals.

This graph displays the strange disconnect between the combo price and entree price, especially with the lower priced entrees. What do they do, throw price darts at a menu board to come up with the combo price? At twenty dollars for a full meal for five people, the regular breakfast burrito combo has the lowest price tag, but it's an even better deal if you say no thanks to the drink and fries. Additionally, if you're looking for low-carb the Breakfast Burrito is definitely one of the better options on the menu-board. Finally—and most important—I almost always get two and sometimes three full-length strips of crispy bacon in my burrito! Full-disclosure: I don't own any Sonic stock, and as far as I'm aware, no one is my family does either. I don't work there and never have. I do eat there fairly regularly, since they are on the other side of the street from where I work.


  1. Make sure you are tipping your carhops at Sonic!

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