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Thursday, March 20, 2014

When does patriotism trump citizenship?

I think we're there.

Everyday the world becomes a bit more surreal. It's like we're living in Alice's Wonderland and statements like: "Sentence first — verdict afterwards," don't even cause a raised eyebrow anymore. At this point a litany of the abuses America has suffered at the hands of the Obama administration is customary, however let's just take them as read. After enough years filled with bruises, black-eyes, and bloody gashed lips, a battered wife finally just stops keeping score, don't you think?

A narcissistic power-mad dictator is running amok and trampling America's Constitution—like the proverbial bull in a china shop. Worse however, is the fact that Obama is even further enabled in his diabolical machinations by our sycophantic main-stream media with its full-court propaganda press. These facts would seem to be enough to give any American pause, to wonder whether he or she had inadvertently stumbled down into some otherworldly rabbit hole.

Imagine a blind man in his home. He knows where everything is. Each thing is in its proper place and he depends on that. His life would become nearly impossible if he couldn't depend on it. What would he do—what would you do—if in your comparative helplessness, some joker came along and moved all your furniture around? Not once but day after day? And not just your furniture, but the doors? And not just that, but changed the locks, and what was kept in the refrigerator, and the clothing hung up in the closet?

That's how I feel today. I can't depend on anything. Everything I was taught in school, at home by my parents, and all those moral lessons instilled in countless children's television programs and books, are all apparently obsolete, no longer in force, or never were true in the first place. America has come unmoored from its harbor of sanity and it's floating away into an ocean filled with chaos. Worse however is the lamentably sad fact that it's Captain Barack Hussein Obama, drunk with power, who's standing at the helm.

Everyday we hear incredible stories. Stories that should make us pause and start to this still America? Police dress in black armor instead of blue button-down. They shoot first and never ask questions later. Every federal agency from A to Z from the Agriculture Department to the Weather Service has put in its own requisition order for M-16s and half-tracks.

Do you get the feeling that everything seemingly is spinning out of control? All is not lost yet. There's reason for optimism, still. In both Connecticut and New York the people are pushing back and civil disobedience reigns supreme. What will the statist politicos do when their arbitrary decrees are thrown back into their faces? They'll do what Captain Edward John Smith Obama would do, "Full Speed Ahead!" They know what they know and no evidence on Earth could ever convince them of their folly.
Meet Jordan Wiser, a high school senior you might call an overachiever. Enrolled in an Ohio vocational-technical school, Wiser was taking Firefighter 2 and EMT courses to bolster his dream of future public service. “Last year, I completed the law enforcement course,” the 18-year-old told The Huffington Post. “I received several certifications, including the National Terror Defense certification from FEMA, the Terror Recognition certification and (certification as an) Emergency Vehicle Operator.”

Wiser also joined the Army, enrolling the Future Soldiers program, and was scheduled to ship out in August. After his planned military service, he figured he’d embark on a career as a police officer or firefighter.
Long sad story short, school officials searched his car and found that he had a small folding pocketknife inside his EMT kit—for cutting seat-belts—and rules are rules don't you know? He's been charged with a felony, expelled from his school, dropped from Army enlistment roles, and if convicted—as seems likely—will never be an EMT, firefighter, police officer, or soldier. He will likely have a difficult time landing a job at KFC as well.

A good citizen follows the rules, even rules he doesn't happen to agree with or think necessary. A patriot—an ever harder to find endangered species of American—will break some of those rules, if he believes those rules are evil. Dear readers, I submit to you that today this country is teetering on the edge. We're standing, not on a slippery slope—we've slid long past slippery slopes—but at the crumbling edge of an abyss. Worse however, is the fact that Captain Ahab Smith Obama and his band of merry gunslingers are malevolently pushing us over.

When we fall, it won't be death we face. At least with death at last comes peace. No, what America will face is decades if not centuries of grinding poverty, as we struggle back to a place where the ground doesn't shift under our feet, so that one day our descendants will have a place where they can stand. After all, when Rome fell—the closest parallel that can be drawn from history to modern day America—it only took about three-hundred years or so before the Dark Ages finally became history.

*** UPDATE 03/20/2014 4:49 PM CST ***
Last Thursday at Bayside Middle School [in Virginia Beach, Virginia], sixth grader Adrionna Harris came to the aid of a classmate who was cutting his arm. She faces expulsion for taking a razor from the student, throwing it away and convincing him what he was doing wasn’t right. She thought she was doing the right thing, so on Friday she told the school administration what happened. The way school officials responded led to this question: was the school’s zero tolerance policy taken too far?
Here’s what this has to do with zero tolerance lunacy: by taking away the razor before the troubled kid could cut himself, Adrionna put herself in possession of a weapon, even though she threw it away immediately. Punishment was swift and severe:
Instead of getting praise from the school administration, Adrionna got a 10 day suspension with recommendation for expulsion. The interesting thing — the only reason Adrionna got suspended was because she admitted what happened. The alleged weapon was thrown away, and it was her word alone that led to her suspension.

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