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Thursday, March 27, 2014

What do they really want?

What do they want, these Democrats? I'm not talking about your garden variety run-of-the-mill low-information Democrat, the kind who still believes O.J. was framed. I know what that kind wants. They just want to keep sucking at Uncle Sam's milky nipple. I want to know about the goal of the ones who either make the rules, or provide the payola to the rule-makers. We can't read minds so let's try examining the mystery of what they really want by looking at what they do.

Democrats want more abortions. That's really their biggest plank. If they could have an assembly-line for disposing of unwanted fetuses—well, we can't really call it assembly, perhaps a disassembly-line?—they'd be ecstatic. If they thought they could get away with it they'd have community organizers knocking on doors for unwanted fetuses, like some macabre medieval corpse-wagon carting away black-plague victims. Bring out your fetuses! Clang ... Bring out your fetuses! Clang... Democrats also want more people to be gay. The main stream media has been coordinating this astro-turf slow-clap for homosexuality for going on more than a decade now. And, apparently, even the people who hated the show have been forced to stand up and clappity-clap along for fear of being thought old-fashioned or uncultured. This is classic foolish-emperor-wearing-no-clothing social pressure, and here we are today. States are falling—madly—for homosexuals as though they might be a line of fifty dominoes toppling one-by-one. Hurrah they're married. Why they're absolutely no different than anybody else ...

Now they'll have an easier time adopting and raising adorable little homosexual children. They can travel along—at the government's expense—with their military spouse if he's stationed overseas. They'll also benefit from their spouse's social-security if one of them happens to die from AIDS or whatever other kind of obscure and deadly disease one can contract from exposing one's fragile and sensitive urinary tract to the monstrous bacterial menagerie found inside a human-being's rectum.

Those two planks, pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality—i.e. pro-death—point to the possibility that Democrats desperately desire to keep the population of the United States from increasing. Unfortunately however, they also want more Mexicans and Central-Americans to illegally immigrate here—presumably for their votes?—so this desire conflicts strongly with the population control theory. My, this is a puzzler!?!

Alright, so we know Democrats definitely want more trees. If you watch what they do when it comes to licensing and permits for using private land, as well as all their endless and mindless recycling efforts, the only conclusion anybody could reach is more trees. Less paper, less furniture, fewer houses, fewer people, more trees.

But wasn't it the most successful Democrat of all time—Franklin Delano Roosevelt—who oversaw all those tree-destroying projects? Hoover Dam alone cost us trees in their millions!
Between 1931 and early 1936, when the [engineering and dam construction consortium] turned [Hoover Dam] over to the government, more than 15,000 people had worked on it. When President Franklin Roosevelt officially dedicated it on September 30, 1935, he put a new take on a phrase coined nearly 2,000 years before, when he said, “I came, I saw, I was conquered.”
Franklin Delano Roosevelt—the man who single-handedly advanced the cause of socialism in this country more than any president before or since—was also responsible for the Manhattan Project. Yes, dear readers, it was FDR himself who made the Atomic Bomb possible, and in so doing pushed us far along the path to the tree-killing holocaust of a nuclear winter.

Democrats want higher taxes. Higher income taxes, capital gains taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, municipal fees and fines and assorted odds-and-ends taxes. To a Democrat, taxes are a win-win. They get richer and someone else gets poorer. It's almost like being able to climb right on top of somebody else's back and ride them around like a beast of burden—a donkey perhaps? They like taking money and they like spending it on something, anything. The Democrats who make the rules are like a six-year-old in a toy-store with a fistful of hundred-dollar bills. They love spending money even more than confiscating money. Seventeen trillion dollars of debt points out how willing they are to forego confiscating money as long as they can keep spending money.

I'm really getting close on this one...really close. They want fewer people and more trees. They like taking money from the rich and using some of it to make more people dependent on government handouts ... they would spend all the money in the world if they had it and borrow it to spend if they didn't ... what does it all mean?

Democrats hate Christianity and find ways to infuriate believers whenever and wherever they can. They love cult religions and religious cults—except far-right Christian cults in conservative states like Texas. They love Islam...not practicing Islam, just the thrill they get from watching suicide-bombing Dishdasha-wearing Muslims walk unmolested past infuriated Christians who are getting frisked and molested by a team of gropey grabby TSA agents. Democrats don't want Christianity in schools. They don't want Christian prayer in schools. They don't want Christian symbols, paraphernalia, books, pamphlets, or student garb depicting any of the above on school grounds. But a Burqa, a prayer rug, and a Koran are dandy.

This just keeps getting stranger and stranger! Democrats want fewer infants born here, but more illegal immigrants to come here. They love trees, but also love dams, roads, and bridges so that more developers can purchase further out-of-the-way wooded glens and then clear-cut the whole thing for a subdivision. They think rich people are too rich and want to take away all their extra money, but at the same time they themselves absolutely love spending money and are themselves fabulously wealthy, for the most part. They hate Christians but love Muslims.

Democrats are a study in contradictions! The only thing all these differing goals have in common is control. Democrats love controlling what other people do. They hate freedoms like the freedom to own a gun, or pray in school, or to refuse to bake a wedding-cake for a gay couple, and they love their own power to force other people to part with money, to part with land, to bend others to their will, or even bankrupt them!

Power, that's what Democrats want, pure naked power. Power to force the unwilling and favors to lure the weak-willed. Democrats desire both the carrot and the stick of government power so that they can climb upon our backs and ride us like the donkeys they think we are.

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