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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sarah Palin

Watch the whole thing. If there's a defense against Hillary 2016 it's Sarah. I'm not normally passionate. Sarah makes me passionate. I know this country's going the wrong direction and so does Sarah Palin. Ask yourself why. Why does the left hate her so very much? They hate her because she's a killer. She's stared down the sights of a rifle and pulled the mother-effing trigger. Her kid is named Trigg!

If that sorry stinking !@#$ Hillary runs in 2016 there's only one person—one woman—who can beat her. I watched poll-tested, focus-group vetted Mitt Romney, balk. When the moment came, he froze. Candy Monger put in her two-cents and Romney might as well have bowed down and pulled a Bill and Ted! Can you imagine Sarah Palin letting the Candy and Barack tag-team shut her up? This woman has balls bigger than Alaska and when I watched her speech it brought tears to my eyes. Sarah Palin can stop all this insanity. She's the second coming of Ronald Reagan and I pray—even though I know the left-media will move Heaven and Earth to crucify her—I pray that she loves this country enough to stand against What-Does-it-matter Shrillary Clinton in 2016. That's our last shot by the way. 2016 is that last 5 seconds before the bomb explodes. It's that last chance to get up off the mat before the ref counts 10. Help us Sarah, you're our only hope. Imagine the debate. Whatever Hillary Clinton says, no matter how badly she wants to interrupt, all Sarah will have to do is invoke the magical formula...Hillary, what does it matter? At this point you don't matter.

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