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Friday, January 10, 2014

Is democracy fundamentally unworkable?

The USA has a theoretically free economy governed by representatives theoretically elected by the people. Goods and services are theoretically supposed to be bought and sold without over-regulation by the government in charge. Well, right away people in the know—bureaucrats, lawyers, and politicians—begin to start blinking while they're thinking. There's this round of clearing of throats and pulling at collars with hands half-raised in semi-objection. The people in charge would be unable to wholly agree with that idealized description of our current state of affairs.

You have to have all sorts of licenses to operate any business. If you have employees, the list of regulations and taxes and overbearing bureaucratic nonsense starts to become absurd. So scratch free economy. And while the people are supposed to be able to choose who they want to represent them, if they happen to live in a blue-state and they're a Republican or a red-state and they're a Democrat, their vote is completely meaningless.

My friend Grant has an opinion. Or maybe it's a prophecy? He believes that we will never again have a Republican president. "Well," I asked him, "what if there's a Democrat president and the economy collapses? You don't think the people are going to demand something different?" Grant said, "It doesn't matter. There's never going to be another Republican president." He wouldn't engage with me in the whys and why nots. I suppose it wasn't a feeling easily put into words. It was just his opinion, his gestalt of our cultural climate.

I get it, though. I totally get it! Look at the current tempest in a tea-pot. The constant headline drip drip drip drip of Bridgegate. This media behavior sure does bring back the memories. You may remember Herman Cain? The left saw him as a threat in the 2012 primaries and they annihilated him. A series of women began to come forward claiming carnal knowledge of this would be supreme executive. Herman Cain never stood a chance. He had a good life with wife and kids and he valued them more than some hypothetical pie-in-the-sky position that he only had a slim chance of gaining anyhow. So he quit. He threw in the towel. This was Fear-Factor, and Herman was not going to eat a bowlful of rat-fetuses. Sometimes it just isn't worth it.

The problem—perhaps the unworkable problem—is that people are stupid. They have an IQ of only a hundred or so and right off the bat you know they're barely qualified to make decisions like coming in out of the rain. So why on Earth would we let idiots like these decide how to run something as awesomely complicated as the United States of America?

Well, it's obvious to me that our founding fathers were hopelessly na├»ve. They considered all the available ways of ruling and determined that the people would do best if they ruled themselves, if every American had a voice. They never imagined—how could they have ever imagined—a mind-bending force like our current main-stream media? Show a man paradise in living color, complete with a full orchestra beating its pathos against his ears and what chance does he have to resist? Especially since he's a total moron anyway. The rat hears the bell and the rat pulls the lever. It's just as simple as that. BOOM! I've just described the entire strategy of the Democratic party.

The Democrat party platform is a promise: More cheese. There are two solutions. Get rid of the walking talking cheese dispensers or rat poison. I bet you know which one I pick?

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