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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why the GOP establishment hates the Tea Party

"[The Tea Party] is misleading their followers," Boehner, R-Ohio, told reporters at the Capitol. "I just think that they've lost all credibility."

"The establishment has no choice at this point," said former Rep. Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican who has criticized the tea party's growing influence. "So they're taking them on."

"To follow these groups is a downward spiral," Davis said.
It's telling that former Rep. Tom Davis used the word "establishment." That word has become a swear word to Tea Party patriots. What it means is that once a Republican politician has successfully ensconced himself in a position of influence and authority...that's it. He's untouchable. You can't criticize him. You can't run against him. You know...the Mafia has exactly the same system. Once a gangster has become a made man or Cosa Nostra he's untouchable.

The fact that our nation is on the verge of insolvency is apparently completely irrelevant to the establishment in power. To a man—or woman—they are all extremely well off. It seems virtually certain that with the money, privilege, and connections they possess, that once this foundering Titanic we still call the USA starts its final voyage to the murky depths below, these establishment politicians of both the Democratic as well as the Republican party will have nothing at all to worry about. They don't even need a life boat. They've got their own chartered jets, yachts, helicopters, villas in the Bahamas, Swiss bank accounts, and assorted escape hatches that have been in place for years if not for decades. The thing to remember about every one of these politicians and the decisions they make is that these people have no skin in the game whatsoever. They can do what they want. They're untouchable.

I only see them on television. It's hard to read the eyes of someone through a television set. It's hard to get a sense of their honesty, their character, their motivation through a digital representation. I listen to what they say and then watch them do the opposite. I hear them promise the moon and wonder why so many fools wait expectantly. It's not cynicism anymore to expect betrayal from a politician, it's just common sense. You might have heard me rail and rant before about our flawed system. Representative democracy just means that we choose the most convincing con-artists of all and put them in a position where they can take every one of us to the cleaners.

We pick the best talkers. We pick the smoothest, handsomest, hardest working campaigners, who shake the most hands and kiss the most babies. Most people never once question why a person wants to spend millions to get a job paying a tenth of that. Ah, it's like a cake walk. Once they're "made," a loyal member of the establishment, they can expect to not only continue to receive that tenth every year, but they also get the kind of perks enjoyed by only the most fabulously wealthy. They can jet-set around the country if they want to. They can dine at the most exclusive restaurants, and are waived through security checkpoints, lines, and other inconveniences. Yes, these modern-day princes and princesses of the realm are held practically unaccountable. Unless they betray the establishment. For that is the unforgivable sin. For that they get the cement shoes, the horse's head in the bed, the plastic sheet and the single bullet to the back of the head. Metaphorically speaking of course.

So you can see why the establishment hates the Tea Party. These upstarts, these young na├»ve fools who think they can just waltz in and take over. Why...they haven't done the time. They haven't waited patiently in line doing as they're told for years and years—by the establishment—until the day comes when all that time spent faithfully doing as they're told—by the establishment—pays off and they are permitted to recite the oaths of loyalty and finally receive Boehner's kiss on the lips.

We've finally reached a breaking point. The establishment at first tried to co-opt the Tea Party, bring them in under the big tent. But now that they realize it isn't going to work, now that they've realized that The Tea Party is composed primarily of patriots who don't care about political games and waiting in line for their own turn at the brass ring, now that the GOP realizes we want to tip over their little apple cart and maybe just possibly adjust course away from the looming iceberg of financial ruin dead-ahead, these establishment politicians are all going berserk!

In establishment politics it's all about expediency. You go with the flow. You don't make waves. You wait your turn. Expediency is the downhill road, the easiest path, the avoidance of trouble and strife. You take your time and always choose the most likely way. If a way forward is uncertain you poll test it and focus group it. Never stick your neck out. Never make any absolute commitments. Never directly answer hard questions. Always remember that what you say can—and will—be used against you in the court of public opinion.

With these princes of political expediency leading the way, holding forth their torches of mediocrity. The way forward is ever down and down and down. Hold your breath folks, the path ahead is looking pretty wet.

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