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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Logic vs. Fairy Tale

On this one year anniversary of the Newtown massacre, the police investigating the case have released information that had previously not been made public. There are many people who are drawn to this kind of thing, like some kind of morbid forensic curiosity. Most of us are much less intrigued by this sifting through crime residue. We all understand that people kill other people, sometimes they have a motive and other times it seems completely senseless. It's these apparently senseless murders that trouble us the most. We want closure. We want these atrocities to make sense, and when they don't some people are compelled to create or craft some sort of explanation that makes sense.

In Newtown the senseless nature of the crime along with the incredible efficiency with which the killer dispatched his victims has led to this mass-murder serving as a touchstone for gun-control—or perhaps a shibboleth if you happen to respect the 2nd Amendment.

The arguments for and against stricter gun-control continue to rage. There's a huge segment of the population that simply wishes that there were no such thing as guns. These people believe that if there were no guns the human race could return to a simpler time when there weren't murders, when there weren't rapes, violent assault, robbery, arson, genocide, etc. If these people were given the proverbial three wishes from the genie in Aladdin's lamp, they'd spend the first wish on world peace, the second on wishing every gun in the world to vanish from existence, and the third on a carbon tax.

Well of course most non-delusional people with even a rudimentary understanding of world history are aware of the undeniable fact that in the thousands of years that came before the first trigger was ever pulled, murders were rampant, as was the entire laundry list of atrocities that have plagued humans for their entire history. Logic is apparently so incredibly difficult for the vast gun-control movement to employ. Logic must be an arcane skill unknowable and unworkable for the many in their ivory towers and their carbon-neutral San Jose chateaus.

This is the logic chain that they find so incomprehensible:
  1. People since the dawn of time have harmed other people for some reason. Even an apparently motiveless crime has a motive even if it's as trivial as mere boredom.
  2. People—in contrast to animals—make and use tools to accomplish tasks more quickly and more efficiently. Furthermore, people continue to seek better and better tools in order to accomplish these tasks they want to accomplish even more quickly and more efficiently. If they don't have the best tool for whatever reason, they'll make do with a different one.
  3. People team up and share tools, teach each other tool-making and tool using skills. They do this for their own reasons although these reasons often align loosely with those of the other team members.
  4. Some teams today are known as street-gangs. Other teams are known as police. People who are not members of teams like these find themselves at a serious and often life-threatening disadvantage in this violent world of kill-or-be-killed.
  5. This is a kill-or-be-killed world. Many people on the left and in the rose-tint-bespectacled peace and love crowd want to deny that this is so. They'd immediately start talking about the rule of law. Okay, but who is it that enforces this rule of law? It's the team with the most members, wielding the most efficient killing tools. If you don't understand that this is a kill-or-be-killed world, let me assure you that it's core training if not rule-number-one in every police academy on Earth.
  6. If you aren't a police officer, you are at a serious often life-threatening disadvantage compared to every police officer walking around. You don't have a two-way radio. You don't have a license to kill with the gun so visible on your hip. You don't have a badge, and therefore you aren't protected by this shield of power so compellingly symbolized by this badge. The rule of law cited so often by well-meaning yet deluded gun-control enthusiasts is designed to protect team members, i.e. police. Not civilians.
Imagine a world of sheep and wolves. Sprinkled throughout this vast world are a few shepherds with weapons superior to the teeth of the wolves. If this were a perfect world, the shepherds would never fail to protect the sheep from the wolves. In this perfect world the shepherds would never be careless, never sleep, never lose sight of a single sheep, never fail to get there in time.

If this world sounds familiar ... well it should sound familiar. It's the very world that Piers Morgan waxes so eloquently and pompously upon every time the subject of gun-control is brought up. To hear him tell it, Great Britain is a veritable Garden of Eden where toothless wolves and defenseless sheep and a sprinkling of shepherds ensure that every last dear defenseless little sheep can graze worry free and everyone gets to live happily ever after ... like it might be in all those fairy tales.

UPDATE 12/28/13 3:04PM CST
Item number six above is perfectly illustrated by this story: South on alert as manhunt intensifies for cop killer

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