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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Aggrievement con-artists and their brainwashed Zombie Horde

It's almost impossible to break through the self-inflicted brain-washing that a liberal wears like a wrap-around lead-lined helmet—with no eye-holes—to hide from reality. You can bang on it and make him angry, but you can't ever get through to him in any rational way.

Who are we? We're individuals and also members of many different groups. I'm a conservative. I'm also a southerner. I'm a computer programmer. A pet owner. A light sleeper. I also like to cook. I could address concerns that would only be of interest to cross-sections of each of those select groups. My blog is oriented mostly towards conservative arguments, but more specifically philosophical arguments of the kind that illustrate why conservatism is moral and true, while liberalism regardless of its historical roots has been hijacked by con-artists and the morons who believe them.

How is it possible that a female high-school drop-out with five children by five different men can call a former President of the United States, a man who graduated from Yale, and Harvard Business School—George W. Bush—an idiot, and as a reward, get warm fuzzy cheering and laughter from an equally moronic audience?

It works like this: a sophisticated interviewer—with a minor in behavioral psychology?—along with her camera crew, finds an imbecilic moron without a clue and then asks leading questions to this "man on the street." When the interviewer agrees with the sentiment expressed by a particularly clueless subject, she gives him nonverbal praise which might be in the form of smiling, laughter, nodding of the head, as well as verbal affirmation that goes like this: "yes, you're right" etc. And, "it's too bad people in Washington don't have common sense like you," etc.

I've made the point before that statistics are on our side—the conservative side—while the left has nothing but anecdotes. When we argue that more people are on food-stamps today than ever before in the entire history of America, what we get as a rebuttal, are talking points taking the form of a false dichotomy immediately followed by anecdotal evidence that seems to support it:
So, what you're saying, is that rather than having our government invest a few dollars in SNAP cards, you selfish Repuglicans would rather let millions upon millions of people just starve to death on the street?

You know, it just so happens that I've got a good friend who when she got out of college, was really poor. Luckily she finally landed a really good job but until then she didn't have enough money to pay her bills, her rent, much less money left over for food. She was a single mom and if it wasn't for SNAP, she probably wouldn't be here today. She'd have had to beg, whore, sell drugs, join a gang, shoot somebody, get shot? Is that what you people want?
So that's our either/or? It's to be SNAP or crazed gang-bangers. SNAP or a veritable Sargasso-sea of emaciated bodies littering the streets like confetti after a ticker tape parade. It's either Heaven on Earth or Hell with nothing in between. And the crowd goes wild! Having barely time to consider how to respond, much less begin to speak, the thunderous acclamation by a convenient mob of clueless bystanders makes any response to this absurd false dichotomy and straw-man argument totally impossible.

Having a conversation with a liberal means listening silently while they lecture you. When you point out why the illogical argument they've made is in fact illogical, instead of listening to your point they instead argue that you are mean, and stupid. Furthermore, because of your lack of membership in some aggrieved group, you lack standing to even make your argument in the first place. A perfect example of this is the endlessly promulgated argument that men are not allowed to have an opinion against abortion because they can't get pregnant.

When you have self-abnegated yourself to the extent that you no longer believe you are even worthy to have an opinion on an issue, congratulations! You have just become another member in the group of mindless intellectual cannon-fodder that the liberal political con-artists of the nation employ against conservatives—in much the same way that hackers around the world employ legions of hacked Window's XP-computers in massive denial of service attacks against whoever they happen to be mad at today.

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