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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Occam's razor and Obama's incompetance

Nobody is this stupid. It has got to be some kind of conspiracy to completely destroy America. This hapless stumbling around in the Mid-East with regimes failing, new Islamic Brotherhood regimes starting and failing, drone strikes hitting everything but legitimate targets, letting Russia's Putin make a play for Egypt, pissing off all or our allies with asinine decisions about pipelines and deep-sea drilling, printing money hand over fist, infuriating our own citizens by ramming through an economy destroying socialist healthcare system, the website travesty, the NSA gone wild wire tapping boondoggle, the IRS bootheel crushing freedom of speech and assembly by selective targeting and auditing, the Benghazi tragedy, Fast and Furious ...

Nobody could possibly be this incredibly incompetent! It has got to be some kind of incredibly sophisticated international conspiracy designed to completely destroy America from within and without and from sea to shining sea.

If there were a conspiracy, why ... we could fight back! We could expose the backers, the money launderers, the kingpins. This would be a spy-thriller kind of story where the enemy agents of change would be neutralized in the nick of time and America would then get to live happily ever-after. If only...

Take some time to read the following short story, please. I promise it's quite entertaining and it's the quintessential epitome of the vast conspiracy theory that assumes our President is a maniacal genius mastermind bent on world destruction. It's called Breaking the Game. It's a story found in the short story collection by Orson Scott Card titled: Capitol. This link worked today. It may not tomorrow.

Sadly, or perhaps luckily, Obama is not Abner Doon, instead he's merely a buffoon. He's the poster-child for the word: Errorgance. That word—by Brandon Sanderson—is a portmanteau of the words 'error' and 'arrogance,' and it means "to be twice as certain as someone who is merely arrogant, while possessing only one-tenth the requisite facts."

Obama, an arrogant moron with an IQ of roughly 90, considers himself to be the worlds foremost authority on literally everything. You can't tell him shit. How I wish that phrase was actually his epitaph. Obama's towering undiminishable pride was never earned by any actual accomplishment. He skipped through life with a red-carpet rolling out before him and an escort of like-minded fools scattering rose-petals at his feet. There just has to be some kind of demonic force at work trying to destroy us all. The monumental disaster that is the Obama regime couldn't have happened by accident. It's just too diabolical. Ruin and destruction of this magnitude has to have some kind of super-intelligent malignant author.

But if Obama and his absurd cohort of fools are merely puppets of some sinister architect pulling the strings behind a curtain, then some people would have to conspire to keep this fact secret. They would have to have other people conspiring to whisper advise into our Fool-in-Chief's ear at every defining moment. It's just not possible to keep that many people quiet. You'd need more people to shut the talkers down, to make them have fatal accidents, to listen to their phone calls and hack their emails. You'd need a vast left-wing conspiracy! Occam's razor cuts this whole conspiracy theory to shreds.

No. It's just not possible. He's no genius! He's just a moron who has spitefully and fatefully found himself at the metaphorical bull's-eye of time and space where dynasties and destinies collide. He's like some Moronic Grand Marshall leading a retinue of diverse morons, a deaf dumb and blind pied piper leading a callithumpian parade of lemmings off of some proverbial cliff-top.

Is it a comedy or a tragedy? Would Shakespeare laugh or cry? Maybe a little of both. Eat, drink, and be merry, ladies and germs. I think the final act of this majestic tragic farce is probably about to start.

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