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Monday, October 21, 2013

Turning the other cheek and natural selection

Darwin's universe is one of constant competition. If you're not competitive you don't pass on your genes, and your particular strain of life dies out. From a Darwinian standpoint the only measure of success is whether you have offspring, and how many, and they in their turn, and so on. It's a brutal yet simple way of looking at the world. Sentience doesn't change that fundamental goal. In Darwin's world the losers are not only dead, their whole species is extinct. Evolutionists believe that flora and fauna have been at war in this way since life on this world magically ordered itself out of chaos and began to live. Since that mysterious first cause caused itself, it's been all-out war! Natural selection, combined with random mutation has been at work since then, differentiating the species making each new generation more successful at survival than the last.

Nonbelievers love to quote Bible scripture at us. "Turn the other cheek," they quote after their own verbal low-blow visibly ticks a Christian off. If we're really the result of four billion years of all-out competition for limited resources, then I wonder how it's possible to just turn off all that naked aggression and suddenly become peaceful? If Darwin's theory is correct then the fact that Europeans came to America and took it away from the native Americans is the way it's supposed to work. The fact that dark-skinned Africans were enslaved and forced to work for their lighter-skinned cousins in Europe and America, was fully intended by the system and in fact totally inevitable. What other result could be expected from a kill-or-be-killed world? Fight, flight, or crowd out the competition and starve them. Is there any other way to envision the ineluctable result of natural selection than the way it's just been described? Of course there can't be world peace, we're the result of 4 billion years of battle. Turning the other cheek is as alien and unnatural as offering your throat to the lion.

Quoting Darwin at an atheist might be an entertaining way to retaliate to their biblical quotations. If it's all about survival of the fittest, then nobody should ever help the poor. If Darwin's theory of natural selection is the way the world works, then why do we have so many programs to help those who struggle to keep up with their school work? Why help the starving in Africa? There is no creator there is only random chance. The only god is Lady Luck, and your cards were all dealt at the moment you were conceived. Isn't that a fair summation of Evolution and natural selection? Shit happens?

But suddenly—suddenly in geological terms—an extra smart monkey comes along who can say "I am," and because of that, the whole natural order should be turned around? Suddenly it's no longer about natural selection its about keeping the world exactly the way it existed circa 1900 through artificial selection? There seems to be this unwritten belief that, as of now, humans should allow no species to become extinct merely because it is unable to compete in our ever-changing world. The Panda—to pick one example—is an admittedly adorable looking animal, but Darwin would be the first to advise us to just let it go. It doesn't belong anymore.

Atheists love to accuse Christians of hypocrisy when we don't succeed in living perfect Christian lives. Ask them if they ever donated money to any cause in their lives, because if they did then they're perverting the natural selection world order and if they keep it up they could bring the whole world crashing down around our ears. Stop this senseless interference with a process that guarantees ultimate success. Who knows what kind of damage our ignorant monkeying around with the forces of natural selection could do? At this rate the next thing you know they'll be trying to bring back the dodo bird and the wooly mammoth. It seems to me that in the religion of Evolution, artificial selection must be some kind of mortal sin! So, when an Atheist quotes at me to: "turn the other cheek," I'll say: "Oh yeah! Well death to the Panda! Yes and death to the tiger and the whale. Death to the rhino and the dolphin! If they can't compete then they don't belong. Yeah, I'll turn the other cheek, I'll do it when you eat a panda steak and spray DDT on your garden, you hypocrite!"

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