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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stop complaining. They're doing this for us!

Government representatives represent us. They are our voice. They're doing what they believe we want. If you were at a used car dealership bargaining over the price of a car and the dealer "refused to negotiate," if he resorted to inflammatory and shaming descriptions of yourself and your behavior, would you roll-over and sign your name on the dotted line? What if instead of you making the deal you instead sent your brother or your mother or your uncle because making deals is what they're good at. What if they went down to the showroom and paid sticker price for the car? You wanted your representative to make the best deal possible on your behalf, but instead they just did what was most expedient—easiest.

When our representatives betray our trust by putting their own concerns above our own, by worrying about their own popularity, by fretting over derogatory mischaracterizations, and poll numbers, then they are not doing what we hired them to do. The phrase that keeps cropping up over and over in all of this acrimonious bickering is "nonessential services." Military veteran's services are in my opinion essential services. This FAQ at Huffington post explains that veterans should over the short term be minimally affected: Government Shutdown FAQ for Veterans. As for the rest, if it's nonessential then as far as I'm concerned, good riddance. Why is our country engaging in all this non-essential business when we're 17 trillion in debt? It's insane.

If I can't get a good deal, a fair deal, then I don't want any deal at all. That's my take on this issue. If I can't get a fair deal on a car, I'll walk or ride the bus or a bicycle. If my representative can't get a fair deal on Capitol Hill then I'll forego a visit to a national park, a visit to a DC memorial, etc.

Wouldn't you accept a little short term inconvenience if the result was the possible salvation of this great country which until now has been on a 50 year downhill sleigh-ride slide into insolvency and insignificance. It's time to put our foot down, be a stick in the mud, and maybe just maybe we can slow this careening ride to hell down enough so that at least we'll have a chance.

I remember well the horror and panic that attended the implementation of the dreaded sequester. Months have gone by and even though the chicken little squawking was terrifying, somehow it seems as though the sky hasn't fallen after all. Perhaps this so-called shut-down won't be the end of the universe and everything, either.

This is how it's supposed to work. You make an offer. The other side sneers or guffaws or walks away in disgust. If your offer was serious then the other side must make a counter-offer that he believes approaches your own. The question we all have to ask here, is this: at what point do the Democrats begin to understand that they'll have to make some concessions? It may take a little pain and aggravation before they understand that we Republicans are finally done with just rolling-over and paying the sticker price.

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