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Friday, September 20, 2013

On my way to work I encountered two who weren't

Today is my son Alex's birthday. He's been begging for a Nintendo 3DS. It's some kind of handheld game system that Alex has been dreaming of for several months. There's money in the budget for it—just barely—so today my wife will be taking the family's debit card to Game-Stop and buying one. NOTE: I don't normally leave the debit card with my wife. I've regretted it in the past and likely will again in the future. Crossing my fingers today.

On my way to work I stopped at Kroger because I knew I wanted some soda to drink during the day's labor. I drink Diet Mountain Dew because it's got plenty of caffeine and no sugar. I also picked up some cream cheese. (for lunch I make two little sandwiches from small croissants cut in half—they are easy to cut when refrigerated—and toasted in my little toaster-oven. Onto the toasted croissants I put cream-cheese, pepper-jack cheese, ham, and pepperoni. Delicioso!)

As I was walking into the store with my eight dollars I noticed an African-American couple walking out with a grocery cart full of food. It's possible they paid for that food with their own money but not only am I a cynic, I'm also a pragmatist, and based on their appearance, attitude, gait, and other indefinable externalities, I merely assumed that taxpayers had funded their shopping extravaganza. Note please that I don't claim it, merely assume it based on years and years and years of watching people in line ahead of me with their American Flag decorated cards. I can't speak for the vast majority of the nation. I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but it's not profiling when it's ubiquitous like it is here in Memphis Tennessee. Am I profiling a mosquito when I say that by-and-large most of the time they're going to try to suck my blood? It's just what they do.

I was running a little bit late. I'd gotten up at 4:00 AM gone to the gym and done my daily cardio and weights. Since today is my son's birthday and since all the kid's are out of school today—for some reason—I'd also stopped by McDonald's to get breakfast for everyone. It was closing on 6:00 AM, and I on my way to work. I plan on working until 6:00 PM.

I make a living. I do it by being at work 75 hours a week. Most people can't imagine hours like that. Some not only can, they're in the same boat. Notice that I'm not complaining, I'm just laying out the facts. Uncle Sam doesn't pay for my family's food. (6 people, 4 of them teenagers.)

But these two people with their cart full of food were in no hurry. I got the feeling that this shopping trip would be the grand total work required for them today. As I hurried into the store, a few questions crossed my mind. What would it be like to have little or no responsibilities? No-one expecting me at a certain time, no jobs waiting to be finished, no demanding phone-calls, no worries. It would be like that Lion King movie and "Hakuna Matata":

Nothing is asked of them and so they're content to do absolutely nothing. Living for the day and only the day. What a waste! This isn't how people are supposed to live, like a giant ant-farm with Uncle Sam the zoo-keeper tossing in the day's supply of grub. The food-stamp and welfare system is ruining the lives of millions of people! How would it be if mama bird never pushed the little chicks out of the nest? Living on government handouts is a life with no purpose. Scavenging for food, begging for food, eating bugs and trash, all of these ways of continuing to exist are unworthy of human-beings. Using food-stamps is begging. Why not be honest and stand on the road with dirty clothes a sign and a sad story?

Now some of you are thinking that I have no right judging people based on a few seconds of observation as I cross their path. Oh yeah? Well, I'll tell you something. I'm done! I'm done apologizing for being white. I'm through worrying that somebody will call me a racist because I happen to notice that black people in Memphis always pay for their groceries with an EBT card. I will no longer be shouted down like some poor schmuck on a talk show when my opinions don't meet with the liberal media's approval.

If you're living on government charity then you should be ashamed. That shame should—in any kind of sane world—cause you to do something to change your circumstances. But everything is broken now. Living in shame is no longer shameful it's just another way of living Hakuna Matata...growing up as perpetual children with mommy and daddy providing all your necessities and then growing old with the state taking over that job. What good are they? What use are they? A vote for a Democrat is a vote for more people doing nothing of use to anyone.

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