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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Pressure that's what we feel. Have you ever been fully engrossed in some endeavor, something critical that demanded your entire concentration, when somebody came along and with absolutely zero consideration interrupted you? Now you're forced to compartmentalize your original task and focus on this new attention forcing identity. He or she wants what he or she wants and doesn't care at all that you are inconvenienced by it. Now sometimes this is perfectly justified, but many times it's just inconsiderate. Whatever the case may be, the rule of thumb is that mostly people's actions reflect their own best interest and seldom anyone else's. Occasionally we find ourselves completely bombarded by attention seekers. Our primary task having been set on the back-burner and fully engrossed in the accomplishment of a secondary task, a third interrupter will intrude with a tertiary interruption. What of a fourth or even a fifth interruption? It's easy to get lost at this point. This is the everyday pressure most Americans are subjected to. This is the kind of pressure that wakes us up in the middle of the night heart pumping in terror.

The pressure of personal finance can be just as exhausting. Those of us who must juggle income vs. bills and set aside enough for a rainy day, enough for college for the kids, enough for retirement, it's a task that requires concentration and discipline. These primary personal finance goals must be met. Unfortunately secondary considerations soon put paid to the best laid plans: So the spouse says: I don't have anything to wear... I used up all the minutes on my phone and all the data in my data plan...and when do I get a new car?... Unfortunately, in the process of sorting out these new and unforeseen exigencies, inevitably tertiary factors come knocking on the bedroom door. Dad can I have...I need a new...When do I get a...all my friends have a... Why is it that the ones who don't earn the money always have the most insatiable appetite for spending it? We look around and it seems as though no matter how much money we make there just isn't enough to go around. This is pressure enough to make blood vessels burst, to cause grinding headaches, to cause ulcers, to drive us to drink as the saying goes.

Finally, the pressure of doing what is right, not just for you and your family but for society as well is like putting your own head in a vise and turning the screws. The saying goes that every vote counts but most of us know that this simply isn't the case. In the vast majority of cases the majority is an overwhelming one and our one little vote amounts to little more than pissing at a hurricane. Our chosen candidate wants our vote of course but he wants something else even more. He wants our money. Donate to this election or that one. Urgent, existential, dire! circumstances require every penny we can spare and a few that we can't to boot. The whole world is depending on us because it's not like anyone else is going to do the right thing. As the outrages mount, as the national debt skyrockets, as the Obama administration jumps shark, after shark, after shark, the pressure builds and builds until...

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